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b12 deficiency and alzheimers

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Apparently a b12 deficiency in your elder years can mimic alzheimers disease. Good tidbit to know — perhaps there aren’t really as many cases of alzheimers as we think and maybe some people could improve because they are actually low in b12 and there really isn’t anything else wrong.

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stats again

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Well, I still haven’t come close to the 81 views in one day (but I think my friend Carolyn found my blog that day…) but I had 42 the other day!! A new (and more realistic record). I am also a fan of being able to track the number of hits for all time (thanks Shirley!). I’ll have to celebrate when I hit the next milestone of 2000. A big party for all.

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ad copy

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I ripped an ad out of The Economist today because I liked the copy. It read:

Blogs, vlogs, metaverses, folksonomies, podcasts.

Will new media have as big an effect on business, society and politics as they are having on dictionaries?

I’m going to take it into work — to the gpod — and hang it up.

I wish I could keep up with the weekly delivery of The Economist — I started the subscription around Christmastime and have successfully completed 2 full issues. Some have been read in tidbits, but the majority are just hanging around in a stack. They don’t take long to read — a couple of hours, but I never seem to find the time (unless I’m stuck in a doctor’s office waiting, which I’ll be doing 3 times this coming week so I should be able to get through a couple).

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i tried to be productive today, but to no avail

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I really wanted to cook or bake something today, but, despite the dozens of cookbooks I now own I only found 1 recipe I felt like trying — for muffins. I made yummy gluten, dairy and sugar-free cheese and chive muffins. They looked and smell perfect — but aren’t my favourite taste in the whole world. The recipe also only made 4…which I suppose is good seeing as though I’m the only one who will eat them. The funniest thing is that I found the recipe in a book from the UK — and they are called “Canadian Muffins”. Not sure why they get to have this prestigious name, but that was kind of why I wanted to try to make them. So, next step is to try to make them again but with rice syrup as sugar and a few blueberries. Maybe if I sweeten them up I won’t taste the GF baking powder so strongly.

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if i had an auto-immune disease, wouldn’t i be sick more often?

Posted on April 29, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

When they dyingness was at it’s peak (the highest peak so far anyway), I was sick all of the time. I mean all of the time and anything would make me sick. If I exerted any small amount of energy I’d be on the couch for a week and my throat would close up and I’d be gross and beyond just a cold. But, that hasn’t happened once since last July — and I’m just wondering that either all of the diet b12s etc. are starting to work, or something is in some sort of weird remission, but if I had an auto-immune condition, wouldn’t I hypothetically be more prone to more illnesses? Wouldn’t they hit me first and I should be down for the count more often? Or am I totally off on that one?

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fourteen years old — i can’t believe it

Posted on April 28, 2006. Filed under: The Little Bro |

My little brother (who is, sadly, taller than me now) turned 14 yesterday. He just started playing tenor sax last year and I found the coolest books ever — Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter! Now he can increase his repetoire. My parents, however, topped me and got him an xbox 360. Little spoiled brat that he is 🙂

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give girls a chance charity

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I was listening to Jazz FM on my way to work yesterday (as always) and I learned about a charity called Give Girls a Chance. It produces funding for other grassroots groups that focus on girls, education and the poverty cycle. Half of the funds raised go to developing countries and the other half stay in Canada. It sounds like something I'd really like to get involved with — so I'm going to look into volunteering.

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suite francaise really is a masterpiece

Posted on April 28, 2006. Filed under: Books |

I am now a bit more than half way through Suite Francaise, and it is just such a well written and well translated book. The story behind it? Well, it was written as a novel in World War II — the author left her home to hide in the countryside. She wrote in very small handwriting while hiding away day after day and hid everything in a suitcase. I believe she was later taken to the camps and killed. Her daughter had the suitcase for 60 years and just opened it to find that the contents was not a journal (as she had suspected) but a novel intended to be in 5 parts, but only 2 were finished.

First of all this time period fascinates me. The History of the Holocaust was one of the most interesting classes I was able to take at Queen’s (we actually gave our prof a standing ovation at the end of term). The writing is so well-crafted that every word seems so carefully placed makes an impact. Precision.

The other thing I like is that you’re reading along and something terrible is about to happen and normally it wouldn’t be conceived of in a novel, but because of the time and situation and the atrocities, the terrible things do occur on the page. I’ve been left in absolute shock a couple of times and it’s a good thing.

Pushing the boundries and precision.

The making of a beautiful friendship.

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have not had time

Posted on April 26, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

Sorry all — I haven't had time to write these days. Nothing really to update either… My G.I. appointment was cancelled again (this is the fourth cancellation when I've had an appointment on a Wednesday…gonna have to start moving those around, fingers crossed that the last evil tests came back okay). Went to a panel discussion on the financial aspects of publishing last night — it was quite entertaining. Tonight it's all about yoga, which I need because my shoulders and neck feel like they're about to snap off.

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ice age 2

Posted on April 23, 2006. Filed under: Family |

Kevin and I went to see Ice Age 2 today, and it was cute. Not as funny as the first one was, but very cute for a kids film. I like that the mammoth thinks shes an opossum and tries to sleep upside-down in the trees. Very cute.

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