sonny rollins at massey hall

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When, in my adventures listening to Jazz FM, I discovered that Sonny Rollins was coming to town, I immediately emailed my mom to see if the little bro might want to go. He also plays the tenor sax and is pretty good, but I thought that seeing a true professional play might be inspirational. I was surprised when she replied that she, my dad, and the little guy would all like to come.

So last night, we ventured down to Massey Hall and everyone was so cheery and happy, it was nice. We went to Fran’s and they had some dessert first and then we squished into the far-too-close-together seats and got ready for the show. Man can he play. I mean, of course he can, but it was amazing watching this 76 year old man, who was born in Harlem in 1930, to get up there and just become such a presence on the stage. Kevin was even amazed at his fingers moving along the instrument when he stated “wow, he plays as fast as Billy plays guitar hero”. I’m not sure if that was the inspiration I was going for, but perhaps it will become latent knowledge of some sort. Half way through the first set I realized that a friend from work was only 2 rows ahead of us. So random — out of all those seats and there he is. We moved into slightly better seats at the intermission and could see the entire band from there. The African percussionist was very cool to watch — I’ve told Kevin that I’ll have to see about getting him a bongo. He wants the entire African drum set.

My parents, who don’t like jazz, surprised me by absolutely loving the show. My mom said she could have listened to him play forever.

We haven’t had a family outing in a long, long time, and it was really nice.

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easter 2007

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Well, in my 27th year, my brother and I had our last easter egg hunt yesterday. I know, I know, I’m much too old for this, but I was able to have an extended childhood due to my brother’s being 12 years my junior.

I remember when he was really small and we would hunt for eggs. His were all down low so that he could reach and mine were all up high. I noticed yesterday that I couldn’t see on the tops of cabinets while I reached up with ease and snatched the eggs away.

Not that it really mattered as I can’t eat sugar due to the candida diet. I’m so used to it now that it’s over a year and a half, but my dear sweet mom actually made me chocolate (gluten, dairy and sugar free) in the form of little chicks and hid them around the house. She really is the best mom ever.

It was also fun to have to “go home” for Easter. Now that I’ve moved into the condo, it’s already nice to have a homecooked meal and to visit with everyone. The little bro especially enjoyed my being there this weekend as I got him out of a scrap or two. Ah, he is definitely becoming a defiant teenage boy. But a good one.

I also saw 4 movies this weekend, which is very unusual for me — Brian and I saw Premonition, and I also watched 13 going on 30, Napolean Dynamite and The Pursuit of Happyness — plus 2 hockey games. Way more tv viewing than I am used to! But it was relaxing. Unfortunately I now have to study and finish and assignment for my courses — these were much neglected this weekend. But, I’m almost in the clear!

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today would have been

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Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday, so I’m a little disheartened today…

I remember one of her birthdays, about 5 years ago…Brian and I went to New York to visit a friend of his and I completely forgot that it was her birthday, so I didn’t call. Wow, I was so upset that night in the sketchy microtel with mirrors all over the walls (yes, sketchy). I just cried and thought about how she would never have forgotten my birthday and that I was such a horrible grandchild, but she really didn’t mind.

Happy birthday!

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today my grandparents had an anniversary

Posted on January 24, 2007. Filed under: Family |

A 60th wedding anniversary.

And, as a gift, my Grandfather took 2 pictures of my grandmother as a teenager and had them turned into a sketch by a local artist.

Is that not absolutely romantic and sweet?

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today my dad turned 55

Posted on January 24, 2007. Filed under: Family |

I can’t believe he’s a “senior”. He’s not old enough to get discounts at department stores (though I’m sure he’ll take advantage of it, however begrudgingly).

We had a lovely dinner to celebrate, but he was going curling tonight (couldn’t cancel) and so we didn’t get around to cake. Instead, we sang happy birthday, my brother dimmed the lights as if the cake was coming and at the last second, I realized that he could “blow out” my computer, as it was the only thing with light around. My bro pretended to blow the candle out and I closed the laptop. Not as good as real candles, but it did in a pinch and was quite entertaining.

Then he left and my family broke into his cake.

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the pursuit of happyness

Posted on January 21, 2007. Filed under: Family, Movies |

I have wanted to see The Pursuit of Happyness since I saw the first trailer way back when.

Brian and I finally made it tonight and it was so well done. I thought that the story was inspirational in the way that makes you feel like you really do have to go for what you want and determination and sheer will power are qualities that are the most admirable (at least to me). The main character actually reminded me so very much of my grandfather. His willpower, determination and intelligence brought him from nothing to a wonderful life that he built every piece of. I like to hope and to think that I share those qualities with him; that they are in some way genetic. I miss him so very much.

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why do the weekends seem to go by so quickly?

Posted on January 15, 2007. Filed under: Family, Friends, The boy(s) |

Well, I was hoping something overly exciting might happen for this, my 500th post, but it was a fairly uneventful weekend.

Brian had myself and a friend (and his girlfriend) over for dinner on Fri night. It went quite well and the food he made was tremendous! Then we went to Winterfest to see his cousin’s girlfriend on her Synchronized Skating team. I actually set up these plans because my old housemate Lauren had always been involved with the sport and, being the supportive friend that I am, I attended many an event and learned a great deal about the whole thing. I had gone to this event for the past 3 years with (or to see) Lauren as she was coaching teams, and since I didn’t know if she’d be around this year it was nice to carry on the tradition.

Then came the shopping and the fun, exciting laptop purchase.

It snowed quite a bit today, which makes it feel like winter and, though I don’t have my snow tires yet, I finally put windshield washer fluid in my car.

Today was my cousin’s baby shower. Owen is now just a month old and I swear he’s doubled in size since I saw him at 4 days old. We played some of those shower-type games you play (one you had to put a diaper on and dress a cabbage patch kid while blindfolded — I actually made it to the semi-finals in that one). But it was nice to see the family and the extended non family who feel like family because we’re always at the same parties and events.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to get back to the inital start-up on my mac so I can say yes to synching up with the old computer…I just have to find my firewire before then AND figure out how to do this. Do you think I’ll have to reinstall everything?

All in all a nice, lazy weekend.

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christmas, part 2

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We had a lovely Christmas together this year. The best part was that Kevin slept in for the first time, so we didn’t get up until 8:00!! It was nice to see everyone open the gifts that I had found for them (and to open some myself). The fun part about getting older is that your list tends to shrink and you end up with everything on it! Haha!

My dad even got me a DVD player, which is very cool, but when we took it out of the packaging Brian noticed that it has definitely been used before and is scratched up. The box was taped together with Scotch tape. I’m not sure why Dad didn’t notice this, and the thing that makes me sad is that he was so impressed by the service he got at the Sony store and then they just went ahead and screwed him over. It works and everything it just isn’t new and I feel bad that he went to all the trouble to find what he thought was the best player (and it is a good player) and then it is all scratched and used. I don’t know if it was a floor model or returned or something. There’s also a sticker on it that says to take it back to the manufacturer, not the store, so we thought it could have been refurbished which would be fine IF they were selling it as a refurbished product which they were not.  Anyway, I feel really bad and I’m not sure what we should do. It’s just unfortunate.

Mom also made a fantastic dinner last night — I swear it was the best turkey I’ve ever tasted! AND she made me a pumpkin loaf and pumpkin cookies and rice cookies (all of which are candida-friendly and the BEST baking I’ve had all year — with the exception of the yummy gluten, sugar, dairy free cake that is)!

Some of the family came over today — aunts, uncles, and my grandparents. Brian hadn’t met my grandparents yet, and it was nice that he did finally get to. Then we had a good old fashioned game of Texas Hold ‘Em, which I learned how to play and only messed up a couple of times (like telling my hand before we had finished betting, but Brian let me have the hand anyway)…oops!

It was all just lovely and I feel very happy right about now. And tired.

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almost christmas

Posted on December 22, 2006. Filed under: Environment, Family, Friends, The boy(s), Weather |

Well, it’s almost Christmas and it looks like it’ll be a green one this year. I’ve just about finished overspending yet again, but I guess that’s okay. There may be a day when I can’t afford to do it, so I might as well spoil everyone while I can.

I went to see my cousin and her new baby again today. He is just so cute! Then hit the mall for some last minute realization gifts. When I started running into everyone I knew, I figured it was time to head home before I was trapped there for hours.

Brian and I are having our Christmas tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to finally having time to spend together — and more than just a few hours here scattered here and there. I’m not sure, but I feel like other people in relationships might see one another and do things together a heck of a lot more often than he and I do.

I’m looking forward to spending time off work and at home too.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Do you have anything special planned?

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christmas tree!

Posted on December 11, 2006. Filed under: Family |

We went and got our Christmas tree this weekend. We used to get bundled up and trek out to the countryside to take a tractor-drawn sleigh out into the “wilderness” and select the perfect tree (while Kevin took great pleasure in throwing snowballs at me).

Now we go to a lot.

And we got a gorgeous tree! It’s at least 13 feet high!! I’m not sure how the lights or angel are going to go on, but we’ll figure it out somehow. Too bad the scaffolding is gone from the great room — we could have climbed up it to reach better.

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