saving the world? and reducing my costs?

Posted on July 10, 2007. Filed under: Climate Change, Condo Things, Environment |

I haven’t put my air conditioner on yet this summer. So far it hasn’t been too bad – the highest it’s gotten to inside has been 28 C and to me, that’s not bad.

At first I thought, in my enhanced environmental awareness, that I would just not turn it on to try to save the energy with all of this climate change speak that’s floating around these days. And sure, that feels great — especially when it angers me that other people in my condo have their units running 24/7 which, for 500 square feet surely isn’t necessary.

But, in reality, I absolutely cannot afford to turn it on. People may claim that it’s worth it or that it’s not really that expensive, but if something is currently more expensive than zero dollars, I can’t afford it.

This often makes me think about waste. I hate waste and wasteful people. I cannot fathom wasting money, time, energy, anything really. It’s not in me to live beyond my means or to purchase somethign just because I feel like it then toss it out in a couple of weeks. It frustrates me that so many people seem to be heading this way — even watching those TV shows where a consultant comes and helps you get out of debt drive me crazy because the people seem so absolutely clueless, stressed, and selfish.

So, my mission for the summer is to see if I can get through without the air conditioner at all. And, secondarily, to see if I can find a way to raise more funds — things are just far too ridiculously tight (and trust me, if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m not a frivilous person — everything possible — eating out, travelling, new clothes, etc.) has been cut out of the budget. But I would like to have heat in the winter. That is non negociable 🙂

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rapid transit in toronto

Posted on June 15, 2007. Filed under: Climate Change, Environment, gta, public transit, Travelling |

I am SO excited at the potential prospect of my dream come through — rapid transit and more subways in the GTA! Here’s hoping it actually happens.

I am constantly frustrated with public transit (especially when I come home from London and wish that the tube could be superimposed over the GTA).  (I’ve talked about taking the train before) Not only does it take over an hour to get from the outer lines of the GO train into the downtown core, but most of the lines only run a few trains in the morning (4 usually) and in the rush-hour time. This is not acceptable. Also, I still have to drive to the station and, in Mississauga, there are no spots by 7:30. That’s right, all 770 spots are full by the time the second train has pulled out — what happens to those who want to take the next 3 trains? Ridiculous!

Everyone should live within 10 minutes walking distance from a train or subway station and trains should run all day and frequently.

I do take the train and subway as much as I can. I still have a 20 minute drive to the subway but only a 7 minute trip to the train station. I don’t take the busses, however, because I can drive anywhere they’re going to take me faster, so why would I?

This is one great step and I have my fingers crossed!

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wiarton willy or punxsutawney phil

Posted on February 2, 2007. Filed under: Climate Change, Environment |

I haven’t found any reference yet as to what Wiarton Willy said in terms of how long winter will be around for this year (his 51st year of decision making). Last year he said we were in the clear, but I can’t remember if he was right.

Punxsutawney Phil I saw on the news this morning and the official document read (was quite cute) and said that spring is coming in 6 weeks!

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working from home

Posted on January 15, 2007. Filed under: Environment, School |

Today is the first time I’ve ever tried to work from home. The weather outside was frightful this morning and there were over 100 accidents in between where I live and work. The best part!? I started to work at 7:30 — an hour earlier than normal because I didn’t have to drive to work. So I’ve already almost worked for 4 hours and it’s only 11! (I’m on a bit of a break).

The best part is that I can use my brand new, fun laptop to do work.

Kevin has a day off school too — the busses were cancelled.

I remember snow days. I ALWAYS had to still go and I lived out in the country. I was always there on time and for the whole day while the kids who could have walked didn’t even make it in. The worst was when I could drive to highschool. I drove every day, so I didn’t think to look at if the busses were cancelled or not and I would get to school and learn that they had been cancelled.

So, usually I do risk life and limb to get in, but today it was just TOO bad.

How are you spending your snow day?

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almost christmas

Posted on December 22, 2006. Filed under: Environment, Family, Friends, The boy(s), Weather |

Well, it’s almost Christmas and it looks like it’ll be a green one this year. I’ve just about finished overspending yet again, but I guess that’s okay. There may be a day when I can’t afford to do it, so I might as well spoil everyone while I can.

I went to see my cousin and her new baby again today. He is just so cute! Then hit the mall for some last minute realization gifts. When I started running into everyone I knew, I figured it was time to head home before I was trapped there for hours.

Brian and I are having our Christmas tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to finally having time to spend together — and more than just a few hours here scattered here and there. I’m not sure, but I feel like other people in relationships might see one another and do things together a heck of a lot more often than he and I do.

I’m looking forward to spending time off work and at home too.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Do you have anything special planned?

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and so it is (the saga of the dyingness and candida plays on)

Posted on November 24, 2006. Filed under: Candida, Environment, Family, The Dyingness |

I met with the naturopath yesterday and, though traffic and frustration had reduced me to tears earlier in the evening, I was looking forward to going for a real appointment again (not just for a B12 shot). I’m feeling a lot better at least 70% of the time and I was starting to think that the dyingness (you can also read about the beginning of the dyingness) was getting better. My tongue was almost perfect yesterday, just a circular patch in the centre, but everything else was gone (at least for the time being) which does make me happy that I didn’t pay even a little bit of attention to the tongue idiot(s).

I asked about reintroducing things at some point, which she said may happen but that I’m not quite there yet (with this I agree) and she mentioned that now that the diet and osteopathy seems to be working that there are a few next steps. Leading up to the thought that this is also an emotional problem and until we deal with that I won’t be totally better. I partially buy into this, though I can’t think of what I should be dealing with the help “make the leap” to health. She kept asking questions and, though she was happy with my progress, she kept hinting towards the issue of if I was angry to be stuck with this thing.

I didn’t think I was saying or showing anything in my emotions in my replies.

She then said that she could see the emotion coming up and landing on my face each time we started to discuss the diet and so we had a series of other questions at which point I broke into tears and haven’t quite recovered even 24 hours later.  The frustrating thing is also that I don’t think that there are any real answers to this…the questions went like this.

“Are you resentful that this has happened to you?”

“No. I mean, I was, but now it’s just there and it has to be dealt with. If I can’t eat certain things, I can’t eat certain things.”

“What would be the first thing you would eat if you could?”

Nothing came to mind. “Zoodles? Only because someone had them at work this week and I had completely forgotten about them. But, in reality there’s nothing I’m desperately wanting to reintroduce. It would just be nice to not have to plan everything ALL the time.”

Ah. Therein lies the true issue.

“Are you resentful that you have to plan this?”

“Yes.” I think more.”Yes. I’m frustrated at the overplanning of EVERYTHING! I have to plan lunch to take with me, plan dinners to take with me, plan where to eat out, plan to take food if I don’t know there will be any, Brian and I have to go get groceries way more than a normal couple dating would have to.”

“Are you angry?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m not angry, just frustrated. The other frustrating part is that I know there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s just how it is and that’s actually fine. I’m the sort of person who will just do what you have to do and get on with it.”

So, as the floodgates are pouring out I also somehow get into the conversation, though I’m not sure how the fact that I love being super busy.  I realized after that I didn’t mention that I think I’m frustrated with this dyingness because if not for it I may be further on with my life (though I may not so that’s not fair). She thinks that the super busy part is the key.

I don’t.

Other people are super busy and don’t have this happen to them. I argue that super busy people don’t eat well perhaps and that may be why (I certainly didn’t). We then went along the traditional line of question about why you have to be super busy. One reason I know is that I get depressed if I’m bored. Not to say that I never have any downtime because I do, but I enjoy having a lot going on. Maybe it makes me feel useful, but it’s never been crazy excessive by any means, at least not by my standards.

I came home, still in tears and just really wanted to talk to my close friend and old housemate, who is WAY busier than I am! And that made me feel better. Now this whole question of emotional stuff I’ll have to deal with before I can get better is one I’ll have to work on accepting.

In the meantime, I have new liver pills to take. Apparently your liver is linked to your emotions and so it’s the next organ to logically flush toxins out of (apparently estrogen primarily) and to start feeling even better (though there may be an emotional roller coaster in the meantime — WHICH I’m already experiencing because of the whole visit. Don’t get me wrong, I trust and really like the naturopath a lot, it was just unsettling and unexpected.

She also mentioned that it is known that people with digestive problems have trouble digesting the world (this includes people with candida). Now I’ve always thought the world and I have gotten along pretty well, that we have some sort of good understanding of one another, but even simple food allergies are often triggered from trauma and emotional problems. So, I suppose that’s the next piece of the puzzle, which I did try to solve earlier, but I need convincing — anyone out there who can convince me that this emotional therapy leap or dealing with the triggers (if I can figure out what they are) is the way to go? and why? Have you been through something like this?

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if what they say is true, i’m on track for cancer

Posted on November 6, 2006. Filed under: Candida, Environment |

How, may I ask, am I to take every report on causes of cancer seriously when I partake in so many of the behaviours that likely will contribute to my having it at some point. Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:

1. I have candida, which can turn into cancer if you don’t change your diet
2. I heat lunch up in plastic containers
3. I have a genetic pre-disposition to breast cancer
4. I eat salmon often (including all that evil mercury)
5. I have been on the pill for 10 years (roughly)
6. I sometimes have chewing gum and fake chocolate with sorbitol in it
7. I hung out in many a second-hand smoking environment in my youth
8. I likely don’t eat enough of those “cancer fighting” vegetables, though I do eat enough garlic to kill off anything

So I ask you, how dangerous are these things, really? Not that I’m saying I won’t get it, but I’m tired of people reminding me that I shouldn’t do all of the above every time it comes up.

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sarah harmer’s escarpment tour

Posted on November 5, 2006. Filed under: Climate Change, Environment, Friends, Politics, The boy(s), Weather |

Last year Brent and I went to see Sarah Harmer play in Georgetown. Brian and Alex came too — but got seats after us, so sat behind us somewhere. I could still drink beer at this time and I was a little drunk before the show…but it was fantastic, especially because it was so close to home.

She is working with a group called PERL to help raise awareness and to protect the Niagara Escarpment. She was back yesterday to wrap up with a docu-concert that she had created with Andy Keen about the tour, which started up in Tobermory and ended in Burlington last year. The DVD is called The Escarpment Blues and I’d say it’s a must-see, especially for people living anywhere along the escarpment. It opened my eyes to a few things and by the sounds of it, it’s also really opening Sarah’s eyes to a whole new world and process of getting things done. I hope that she sticks with it and that more people become involved with her organization, PERL. Their main opponent right now, Nelson Aggregates was charged with transplanting an endangered tree (the butternut tree) and altering a waterway. You can read more about this on their site, and sign the petition too while you’re there.

Brian and I went to see this docu-concert yesterday as part of our date for our 10-month anniversary. Then we went to the new Thai place down the street and ended the night with Kinsey (the only previously-viewed VHS tape at the store that we could purchase for less than $4 — no, I don’t own a DVD player yet, and the fam was watching hockey, so we were banned to my room).

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let it snow?

Posted on October 13, 2006. Filed under: Climate Change, Environment, randomness |

Um, it snowed today…as in it snowed a lot for the middle of the day in mid-October! I can’t ever remember having snow this early on! I’m definitely not ready for winter, but really hope that a cold snap will kill all of these stupid germs that keep infesting my body.

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crazy storm last night

Posted on July 18, 2006. Filed under: Climate Change, Environment, Family, The boy(s), The Little Bro, Weather |

There was the craziest storm last night. I was on the phone with Brian and all of a sudden, it went dead.

The power was out.

He calls back and I try, in the dark, to find the non-cordless phone. After 8 or so rings there was success.

“Sorry hon, power went out. I think there might be a tornado. Gotta go downstairs. Apparently to the basement. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

We don’t go into the basement, but the trees outside are perfectly sideways and the eye of the storm is above. We manage to find the few candles that aren’t packed and watch the most lightening at once that I have ever seen.

This morning there was power, but branches down EVERYWHERE and I even saw a tree uprooted.

I guess the reality of the GTA turning into the next Tornado alley as the globe heats up, and climate and weather patterns change is really starting to come true. We had a few minor touch downs last year, but it looks like we’re dead set to be the ones who get the brunt of the storms for the next few years at least.

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