christmas, part 2

Posted on December 27, 2006. Filed under: Candida Recipes, Family, The boy(s), The Little Bro |

We had a lovely Christmas together this year. The best part was that Kevin slept in for the first time, so we didn’t get up until 8:00!! It was nice to see everyone open the gifts that I had found for them (and to open some myself). The fun part about getting older is that your list tends to shrink and you end up with everything on it! Haha!

My dad even got me a DVD player, which is very cool, but when we took it out of the packaging Brian noticed that it has definitely been used before and is scratched up. The box was taped together with Scotch tape. I’m not sure why Dad didn’t notice this, and the thing that makes me sad is that he was so impressed by the service he got at the Sony store and then they just went ahead and screwed him over. It works and everything it just isn’t new and I feel bad that he went to all the trouble to find what he thought was the best player (and it is a good player) and then it is all scratched and used. I don’t know if it was a floor model or returned or something. There’s also a sticker on it that says to take it back to the manufacturer, not the store, so we thought it could have been refurbished which would be fine IF they were selling it as a refurbished product which they were not.  Anyway, I feel really bad and I’m not sure what we should do. It’s just unfortunate.

Mom also made a fantastic dinner last night — I swear it was the best turkey I’ve ever tasted! AND she made me a pumpkin loaf and pumpkin cookies and rice cookies (all of which are candida-friendly and the BEST baking I’ve had all year — with the exception of the yummy gluten, sugar, dairy free cake that is)!

Some of the family came over today — aunts, uncles, and my grandparents. Brian hadn’t met my grandparents yet, and it was nice that he did finally get to. Then we had a good old fashioned game of Texas Hold ‘Em, which I learned how to play and only messed up a couple of times (like telling my hand before we had finished betting, but Brian let me have the hand anyway)…oops!

It was all just lovely and I feel very happy right about now. And tired.


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