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so much fun!

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Last night Brian and I met up with my friend Gloria and we went for dinner at The Friendly Thai over by High Park. It was so yummy! Then we ventured over to Sonya’s place for a quasi Hallowe’en party — half costumes half not. The best was when a few of her friends showed up as Robots — in very elaborate costumes. We playe Crainium — my highlights included spelling technique backwards without a hitch and having Brian guess belly button ring from a clay sculpture and acting out Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in sherades — think about it, it’s pretty damn hard. I can’t belive he guessed it! The Robot friends looked familiar and I had them pegged as Queen’s people — then a third person came in and I realized I was totally right. Everyone was so much fun. We all bonded instantly and I really hope to get the same group invited together again. Next time we’ll have to go for Apples to Apples — that game is hillarious!

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i had one of those great nights followed by one of those feeling stupid kind of days

Posted on October 26, 2006. Filed under: Books, Music |

Sometimes I’m so frustrated with the commute and not being able to do much because of feeling tired that I just give up and go for it. Last night was the first exception in a while. It started off around 4:00 with an IFOA party. It was so nice to see and to catch up with so many people — one of my favourite things to do is to just mingle. And it is cool to be able to now say that I was at a party that Michael Ondaatje was at too.

Then off to meet the nice people who I worked with at the evil company. We went to the Jersey Giant — which is much like my version of Cheer’s.

From there I ventured off on my own to a CD release party for Heather Bambrick and they put on an amazing show! The new album is great!

I didn’t get home until well past my bedtime, and then today…as it has now also been 2 weeks since my last b12 shot, I was screwed. I looked like a zombie in meetings, I’m sure and my brain just wouldn’t kickstart into motion. Damn. I wish I could sometimes go back to the days in k-town when I could get up at 7:30 for work, work from 8:00 am – 10:30 pm, then go out with everyone until 3 or 4 in the morning and do it all over again. Luckily I don’t really drink, so at least I wasn’t hungover on top of everything today — that just wouldn’t have been manageable.

Getting old is not cool in so many respects.

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linkedin obsession much?

Posted on October 25, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with I can’t help it. Not only does it let you see 6 degrees of separation (which is always cool), it lets you see all these fun different job experiences AND other people within your network that you might know. I’ve been using it for a year now and they’ve never once sent me spam…in fact there aren’t really any reminders, so I’m sure accounts become lost and forgotten, but it seems to be quite popular, especially in the online fields. Check it out!

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red zeppelin show

Posted on October 23, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Red ZeppelinMy friend’s band, Red Zeppelin, is playing on the 27th in Toronto. Check them out if you have a chance!

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changing daylight saving’s time?

Posted on October 23, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Thanks to ninadiva I learned that they are changing daylight saving’s time. Crazy!

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not too too much going on

Posted on October 23, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Well, I guess I’ve been busy enough — Nina and I went to Carolyn’s place last weekend and we had a lovely dinner and got all caught up. I love her and Derek’s place! It’s so perfect!

The week kind of flew by — one night of being in a super bad mood. Partly because the day dragged on, then I had class and my God these people aren’t that bright. If I hear “I don’t understand” one more freakin’ time, I’m going to have to hit someone. I then took my annoyance out on Brian (sorry hon), but recovered after some stress-relieving tears.

Friday was his first concert with Exultate! — a Mozart concert that was really good, though I’m going to have to invest in a nice cushion for all of these choral concerts because the main venue tends to be a church — and my back is killing me afterwards.

I went for lunch with Aaron yesterday and we caught up — the new Thai place in town is AWESOME! Then Brian came over today and we just hung out — I’ve been really boring lately. The weeks are busy, but not always the most exciting.

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crafty horoscope

Posted on October 20, 2006. Filed under: Horoscope |

Given the intense crochetting that has been going on…okay, not really. My horoscope today is scarily on track:

An artistic project with a practical bent is what you need to express an unvoiced part of your soul. Knitting, carving or cooking are all great outlets for your creative side. Concentrate on the process, not the result.

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conversations at yoga

Posted on October 19, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Instructor: “How was your vacation?”

Yoga Guy:”Um, well, it wasn’t a vacation.”

Embarassed pause.

Instructor: “Oh, okay.”

Yoga Guy: “I, um did that thing you do when you decide you’ve had too many kids.”

Insert laughter of compassion from class.

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Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: School |

I just found out that I got 100% on my last quiz for my scheduling and planning class. Goes to prove why I don’t believe in studying 🙂

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riding in cars with phones

Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: The boy(s) |

Even though I’m fairly certain that I don’t have to worry about the blackberry debate, I will admit that I don’t always enjoy long stretches of time where the only phone time Brian and I have is when he’s on his way somewhere — driving in his car. I know he’s trying to balance everything and to be sure that we talk regularly, but I just feel squeezed in when the only time we seem to be able to talk is when he’s on his way from point a to point b.

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