Candida Complete Recap

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I started to get away from writing about Candida when I started to feel a bit better. But, the thing is, that after over three years of treating it, Candida still runs my life. And I wanted to look back through all of my posts and pull together a comprehensive look at the beginnings, middle and nearing the end for anyone out there who might also be searching for an answer or working through changing their diet and lifestyle.

At first, I was really sick and no one could figure out why but I had all of these constant and worsening symptoms. I was exhausted all of the time, I lost about 30 pounds – and dropped from a size 9/10 to a size 1/2 in about a month, my tongue had leisons on it all of the time, and my throat would close up making it painful to swallow almost constantly. Eventually I had a constant pain in my lower right abdomen that was there all of the time.

I saw a lot of doctors and specialists, all of whom thought that this was all in my head. For details see this post. I saw A LOT of pompous, ridiculous doctors (everyone from a ear nose and throat specialist, to a OBGYN, to a GI to a dermatologist) who I had to fight with at every appointment just to try to be heard. The absolute worst was the GI the day he said all of this and called everything I was doing “Hocus Pocus”! It made me so angry. All they did was give me more antibiotics which, in turn, made the candida worse. The only person who showed some signs of hope was the rheumatologist.

I had every kind of test done – catscans, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, ultrasounds and even and endoscopy.

Finally I started to see a naturopath who also sent me to see an osteopath (and here). She did koru food sensitivity testing and I had a seven page report of all of the foods I couldn’t tolerate (in general, gluten, sugar, cow dairy, mushrooms, melons, citrus, and anything fungusy). She also did a candida test and my numbers were off the charts (in the bad way). The naturopath was amazing and actually LISTENED, which was more of a relief than anything else. Though she did make me cry as the saga of the candida waged on, she got to the heart of the matter and, more importantly, the correct diagnosis.

After over three years of feeling ill and searching for an answer, I finally admitted that I had Candida and wrote up this synopsis of the condition.

I switched my diet and started on anti-fungals right away. I wrote and followed all of these (which cover the treatment):

What to do if you think you have candida

More Candida Advice and Lessons Learned

Candida Combat Starter and Questions

And constantly tracked down information, guide books, and (most importantly) cookbooks. And I also wanted to let other people know about Candida – so that they were not misdiagnosed and so that they would have the ammunition they needed to explain how they felt to doctors. And, how to eat! There are lots of posts on Candida here and on Gluten, dairy, sugar free food here. And more on my experiences with “the dyingness” (as I called it).

Even a year in, my family doctor was still angry with me. And two years later he actually admitted “well, I’m a medical doctor, so I can’t believe in that stuff”.

So stick with it – I can’t even imagine not having candida now. And not eating this way! I’m still fighting it every day, but there are much worse things (and I want to make sure that this candida doesn’t turn into anything worse as there are some links to cancer from candida).

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More Great Candida-Friendly Cookbooks!

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I found these books when I was in Vancouver last April and discovered a new-found joy in baking with Almond Flour. Definite must haves to expand your Candida diet to new heights!
Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Grain-free Gourmet Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living
The second one has a wicked recipe for Gourmet Pizza! So yummy especially with some goat mozzarella on top!

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Long Distance Realization

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I just realized that one of the things that really sucks with Brian’s living across the world from me is that I don’t get invited out by single friends (because I’m not single, so they don’t think to), but I also don’t get invited out by coupled-off friends (because my other half isn’t here). As if being in this sort of relationship weren’t hard enough – no one’s really helping matters with preconceived notions.

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Books I’ve Read in 2008:

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Memories of My Melancholy Whores
Gods Behaving Badly
Anna Karenina
Remember Me?
The Importance of Being Married
The Killing Circle
The Lizard Cage
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

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the candida years continue

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So I’ve been negligent of this blog for a long time. I think that Facebook and Twitter have actually been able to shrink my attention span. Seriously. I think in status updates throughout the day. I’ve lost interest in writing or ready anything longer than 140 characters.

But, I wanted to check back in with an update now that this blog is nearly 2 years old. I started out way back when because I had been trying to figure out what sort of a disease or illness was plaguing me. Turns out that after years of dealing with idiot doctors, is was Candida.

Now, just over 3 years of not eating sugar, gluten or dairy, the candida is still there, but is definitely in check. And I’ve found so many new and fun foods to eat. And LOTS of restaurants to eat out at too, including some of these featured ones in Toronto. Though I’m still looking forward to trying that Fish and Chip place next weekend.

Anyway – I just wanted to drop by, say hello and say that the Candida is still there — but I feel so much better than when this all started. My doctor still thinks I’m crazy, but I’m able to hold my ground with him so it’s cool.

And wonder if anyone else there actually got rid of Candida and could eat like a normal person again? Or if you wanted to again? What would your first go-to food be, if you could eat anything you wanted?

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Three Operas in One Hour

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So I realize that it’s been ages since I posted in here. I just kind of stopped wanting to one day. Not sure why…things finally got busier, which is great. I became healthier and so didn’t have to vent frustrations about stupid doctors any more…I just lost the will to blog.

One of the projects that has been a focus recently (as to take time away from blogging) has been working with Brian on a brilliant idea of his. He founded an opera company in Toronto (Toronto Chamber Opera Productions) and is putting on his first performance this May 30th and 31st.

Here’s a blurb of what it’s all about:

In this inaugural season, Toronto Chamber Opera Productions is proud to present its first production, Three Operas in One Hour; featuring three chamber operas, one world premiere, ten exceptionally talented up-and-coming opera singers, and a chamber orchestra, in only one hour!

A profoundly Canadian opera about the heartache of war; a witty satire about the hidden lies behind a card game; and the world premiere of an American opera based on the malicious murders by 16th century Italian composer Carlo Gesulado will be performed in English.

Cool idea isn’t it? Check out the website and let me know what you think or if you have any ideas of where/how to promote it that would be great too!

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Farmer’s Market

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Brian and I finally checked out the Farmer’s Market that’s not too far from my place and it was awesome! I bought a pint of the best, local blueberries ever. It felt so great to know that we were buying from local farmers and that the food was so fresh and inexpensive. We even saw a yellow watermelon for the first time ever — who knew!?

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b12 shots do have fringe benefits

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Other than helping me combat my B12 deficiency, the B12 shots that I get every other week keep the mosquitoes at bay. There are lots of articles out there that also say this is true.

Brian and I were at the cottage this week and though the bugs were attracted to him they stayed well away from me. One even started to bite and realized that it didn’t like me. Thinking back, before I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency and was plummetting towards feeling like death, I also had SO many bug bites. Maybe instead of spraying yourself with bug spray, you just have to take supplements?

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politics today at bec

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I shook hands with Jean Chretien today. And I have to say — that was very cool.

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promotions all round

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If only everyone thought like this, life would be much more enjoyable (at least I think it would):
Kent told Q&Q that he was pleased to be promoting the “next generation” of HarperCollins Canada. “The people who are now taking over the real responsibilities are in their forties, thirties, and late twenties…. I tend to think of them as kids, but they are not. They are bright, capable, creative professionals, and I [feel] so much confidence in them.”


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