the blackberry debate: does a crackberry love you back?

Posted on October 17, 2006. Filed under: Friends, The boy(s) |

The age old question of which would you rather be in bed with — a blackberry or me?

Well, Brian’s actually quite good at choosing the correct answer, but I was privy to a couple’s heated debate as she pointed out that he couldn’t live without checking his blackberry, which was attached to his hip.

I feel that this is likely a common problem amongst couples — and poses many questions. What is it about blackberries? Do you feel more important if you are always accessible? Will the world fall apart if you don’t go to see what or who is making that beeping sound?

Now he argued that it was curiousity and curiousity alone. Fair enough. I can buy into that argument — but her counterpoint was that curiousity doesn’t make you drop everything to reply.

Myself…there’s no way I would put up with Brian checking his email while we were at dinner or a movie. Work time is work time and our time is our time. Granted, they must overlap sometimes, and that is understandable, but the evil blackberry has been wedged into the crux of many an arguement between many a couple. And it seems to be one that, even once discussed recurrs over and over and over again.

I would also assume that 9 times out of 10 the male in the relationship is the one who is more committed to the blackberry than to his relationship, though I’m not sure. What would you say? Have you ever experienced this fight? Which side of the fence are you on?

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