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I can’t stop thinking about poor James Frey (a million little pieces)

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Talking about James Frey continues today… Someone this morning made a very good point though. This book has been out for a few years (prior to being made into an Oprah phenom). No one seemed to notice then that there may have been some “lies” in it. Have we ever figured out if the truth actually exists? And do we really want to condemn a man for his expression? If this whole thing could have been avoided over a label saying “based on a true story” then would all of this controversy have ensued? I really don’t think it would have. Now there’s a chance that the film won’t be made (click here) and do you really want to push an ex-addict to the brink? I mean people have been persecuted for more ridiculous things throughout history, and the cult of Oprah does have power (in that the majority are the mindless masses who need to be told what to read and what to think — follow the leader), but do you want to be responsible for making someone with an addictive personality fall of the wagon? Perhaps these masses with their theoretical pitchforks and torches would enjoy that. I also heard that people think he should donate the money he’s made to addiction clinics. Are you serious people!? Come ON. Do you think that the people involved in the class action lawsuit are doing it so that they can donate the proceeds? This whole affair is indicitive of a culture that has too many problems to even start to list, but please, feel free to try and list them here:

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who knew successful project management would have a good quote in it?

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“It is said…

There are those who make things happen
those who let things happen, and
those who wonder what happened.”

–Gido & Clements

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you all have to read this!

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Freakin’ hilarious: click here.

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stupid midterm ruining stuff

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I just printed off a sample midterm for my class — and, get this — I am flying back a day early (we have Heritage Day off for some reason) from Arizona so I can write my midterm and I have the day off so I have to drive downtown JUST for the midterm AND it’s only 20 multiple choice questions! Are you freakin’ kidding me? What a lot of effort for nothing.

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a million little lies? who the hell cares?

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I’m still kind of in shock at the number of people who are upset and talking about James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces and that he “betrayed” Oprah (heaven forbid). NinaDiva had some apt points to make: here. I mean — every memoir though the history of memoirs will have to have lies in it. Think about your own life — I’m sure there are stories that you have embellished or don’t quite remember accurately: I believe it’s called telescoping. Sure the book has been “misrepresented” as non-fiction, but do you really think that a class action lawsuit will fly? No court in their right mind could set a precedent like that. And these people are upset because they have lost all of this time reading the book and now want to be compensated. How flipping ridiculous is that? Have you heard of more important causes to waste your energy on? Perhaps channeling it into fighting against the war in Iraq or helping out at your local after hours program for troubled kids? The one interseting thing that I do enjoy with all of this is that it shows that people are at least still reading books and that the written word is damn powerful.

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playoff hockey: the tables have turned

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My little brother’s team has been dead last all year at hockey, but the thing is that none of the previous games matter when it gets to playoffs. The slate is wiped clean. And, well, they place the last place team against the first place team when they start the play down. Anyway — they won! 5-4! crazy huh? It would be awesome — and hilarious if they won the entire thing after such a brutal start to the year.

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my horoscope for today – finally, they think i’m smart!

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Your intellect is supercharged, so take that enormous brain of yours and explore some new lands. (Mental landscapes work, too.) Your explorations at this time will really pay off in big ways.

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the new superstore can help cure the dyingness

Posted on January 29, 2006. Filed under: Candida, The Dyingness |

The new superstore opened in town and it is crazy! When I lived in Vancouver I hated going to them because they were always crazy busy and people never paid attention to where they were in the store and everyone was super grabby. But now I’m willing to put up with all of this because the Superstore has food I can actually eat! I was so excited (pathetic, I know) but they had EVERYTHING I have to buy. Gluten free pizza crust, sugar free soy milk — an entire section dedicated to this food! The health food store in town may be in trouble, but there was just so much product — honestly, I was almost in tears (pathetic again, I know), but it’s been so hard to find stuff. I spent the rest of the afternoon making asparagus brown rice soup and it’s pretty damn good. If only I knew I could cook before now perhaps I wouldn’t be in this predicament. Oh well, better late than never!

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to tell, or not to tell…that is the question

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I haven’t told Brian about my blog yet… because I think that he gets all of the information verbally anyway, and really — if we break up do I really want him to have access to everything that is going on in my life? Haha. Not that that’s the only reason…it feels like an environment that I just want to have him not know about for now — is that terrible?

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best birthday present ever!

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We went downtown for a friend’s birthday last night (one who I’ve known since I was 3!). And it was a really fantastic time. So crazy to see a lot of people I haven’t seen since high school and nice that I get to see a lot of them once a year (for her birthday), but I was super-excited about the present I found — a DVD of Fraggle Rock! How cool is that!? I got myself a copy too because I loved the Fraggles!

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