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I can’t stop thinking about poor James Frey (a million little pieces)

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Talking about James Frey continues today… Someone this morning made a very good point though. This book has been out for a few years (prior to being made into an Oprah phenom). No one seemed to notice then that there may have been some “lies” in it. Have we ever figured out if the truth actually exists? And do we really want to condemn a man for his expression? If this whole thing could have been avoided over a label saying “based on a true story” then would all of this controversy have ensued? I really don’t think it would have. Now there’s a chance that the film won’t be made (click here) and do you really want to push an ex-addict to the brink? I mean people have been persecuted for more ridiculous things throughout history, and the cult of Oprah does have power (in that the majority are the mindless masses who need to be told what to read and what to think — follow the leader), but do you want to be responsible for making someone with an addictive personality fall of the wagon? Perhaps these masses with their theoretical pitchforks and torches would enjoy that. I also heard that people think he should donate the money he’s made to addiction clinics. Are you serious people!? Come ON. Do you think that the people involved in the class action lawsuit are doing it so that they can donate the proceeds? This whole affair is indicitive of a culture that has too many problems to even start to list, but please, feel free to try and list them here:

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who knew successful project management would have a good quote in it?

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“It is said…

There are those who make things happen
those who let things happen, and
those who wonder what happened.”

–Gido & Clements

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