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not feeling like i need a drink after work, what a change

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After working for the most evil company in the world last year, I just realized today that this job has never driven me to drink! I’m certain that the evil company contributed greatly to the current state of my health: one of the many things they stole from me (a year of my life, the ability to have good health, self-esteem, you know, nothing important). My favourite quote from that place (when I was trying to complete a project so that we’d have the product on time for sales conference) was “deadlines don’t REALLY matter”. This coming from my “manager”. What a joke. I finally quit one day just because it was Friday the 13th. No really, that’s the only reason why I quit…and I actually started a new job on the 13th of the next month. Definitely a lucky day for me: screw superstition!

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new years eve — playing catch up on the news

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Just playing catch up for those of you I haven’t spoken with in a long time, but for New Year’s this year Brian and I went to the Royal York and had a fantastic 6 course gourmet meal (that I could actually eat) and we were all dressed up again (and felt way too young to be in the company of the rest of the people who were cutting a rug on the dance floor), but it was a nice (and not drunken) way to bring in the New Year.

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ipod at work increases productivity

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Maybe it was the B12 shot last night (which I always look forward to), but I think that bringing an ipod and speakers to work seriously increased my level of productivity 500%. I mean, I’m always productive but it was more fun and the time passed way more quickly with music I actually like (as opposed to listening to mix 99.9 all day). This should be headline news…I’m sure of it.

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two week countdown

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Only 2 weeks until I’m in sunny Arizona! Let the countdown and the bikini search begin!

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apparently every girl should have a little blue box

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I haven’t told all of you about the “secret formal night” that Brian and I had. He planned it months before Christmas and all I knew was that it was to be formal. So I got my hair done and got all dressed up (in my dress from grade 12 formal) and he came to pick me up in his suit and tie. Then we went downtown and he had booked a room at The Royal York downtown. He had gone down there earlier and set up a little Christmas tree with fake snow and lights and presents. We got there and he let me open 1 gift: it was in a little blue box from Tiffany’s and was a gorgeous diamond necklace (keep in mind we weren’t back together at this point!), then we went to see The Nutcracker (which was spectacular), and afterwards we opened more gifts. He’d made me cookies that I could actually eat and a got way too much stuff. It was definitely a fairy tale kind of night and a great start to Christmas. What a sweetie. 

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