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the fantastic weekend continues

Posted on April 22, 2007. Filed under: The boy(s), The Little Bro |

I can’t believe the weather! I also can’t believe that it was 22 degrees outside while I was in a freezing cold arena. But, the lovely weekend of last night continued today. I did stuff around home this morning and then headed out to Weston for my little bro’s hockey tournament. It was the final game to see who went on to the championship game tomorrow. He was in net and didn’t get much work — his team did a great job in front of him, but they managed to pull off a 4-1 win. After going to two tournaments in which they were way out of their league (literally) it’s nice that they’ll get to finish off the year at least with a championship game. Unfortunately they will be exactly evenly match with the opposition and so, I’m not sure which way it will go.

From there I went down to Green Papaya with Brian and then over to IKEA for some more fun house stuff. I’m certain that I’m going to run out of money shortly…I should look into that. But they have super cute summer stock in now!

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easter 2007

Posted on April 9, 2007. Filed under: Candida, Family, Movies, The Little Bro |

Well, in my 27th year, my brother and I had our last easter egg hunt yesterday. I know, I know, I’m much too old for this, but I was able to have an extended childhood due to my brother’s being 12 years my junior.

I remember when he was really small and we would hunt for eggs. His were all down low so that he could reach and mine were all up high. I noticed yesterday that I couldn’t see on the tops of cabinets while I reached up with ease and snatched the eggs away.

Not that it really mattered as I can’t eat sugar due to the candida diet. I’m so used to it now that it’s over a year and a half, but my dear sweet mom actually made me chocolate (gluten, dairy and sugar free) in the form of little chicks and hid them around the house. She really is the best mom ever.

It was also fun to have to “go home” for Easter. Now that I’ve moved into the condo, it’s already nice to have a homecooked meal and to visit with everyone. The little bro especially enjoyed my being there this weekend as I got him out of a scrap or two. Ah, he is definitely becoming a defiant teenage boy. But a good one.

I also saw 4 movies this weekend, which is very unusual for me — Brian and I saw Premonition, and I also watched 13 going on 30, Napolean Dynamite and The Pursuit of Happyness — plus 2 hockey games. Way more tv viewing than I am used to! But it was relaxing. Unfortunately I now have to study and finish and assignment for my courses — these were much neglected this weekend. But, I’m almost in the clear!

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playoffs done

Posted on April 1, 2007. Filed under: The Little Bro |

The little bro played for the silver medal in his hockey league today and, two penalties and a game misconduct later, they won (did I mention that he’s the goalie…and has the most penalty minutes of any goalie in the league).

Aside from that (and the fight…) he had an awesome game! Probably the best played I’ve seen him do. Definitely a great way to start off the morning!

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the toronto marlies in g-town

Posted on February 28, 2007. Filed under: The Little Bro |

The Toronto Marlies came to town tonight and the little bro’s team got to play against them. It was so fun to watch, especially since he was in net for most of it! At one point one of their guys put on one of our guys’ jersey and started playing…then we put the entire roster on the ice. It was a lot of fun — for about 15 minutes of play.

Kevin even got one of the goalie’s (Racine) sticks and got to have it signed by the entire team. He really idolizes Pogue, and I think he was really excited to be on the opposite end of the ice. And the kid did pretty well. 3 glove saves and everything. I think they were going easy on them, but it really meant a lot to the boys. I know the little bro will keep that stick forever.

I realized that, being in g-town, he’s had great exposure to a lot of NHLers who came from here and are now giving back to the community. He’s trained with Johnny Bauer (and his daughter), Adam Bennett, Rick Heinz and several more. It really makes the sport seem more impressive when you realize that you can come and give back to the communities that got you to where you are and that it really, truly means something to the kids and parents there.

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first weekend home

Posted on February 10, 2007. Filed under: The Little Bro |

My parents are away for the weekend, so I’m at home with the little bro. It’s cool to be able to finally hang out with him and for him to be far more grown up than I had noticed (he’s 12 years younger than I am). We had thai food last night, hung out and he’s actually helping me out around the house. Crazy!

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christmas, part 2

Posted on December 27, 2006. Filed under: Candida Recipes, Family, The boy(s), The Little Bro |

We had a lovely Christmas together this year. The best part was that Kevin slept in for the first time, so we didn’t get up until 8:00!! It was nice to see everyone open the gifts that I had found for them (and to open some myself). The fun part about getting older is that your list tends to shrink and you end up with everything on it! Haha!

My dad even got me a DVD player, which is very cool, but when we took it out of the packaging Brian noticed that it has definitely been used before and is scratched up. The box was taped together with Scotch tape. I’m not sure why Dad didn’t notice this, and the thing that makes me sad is that he was so impressed by the service he got at the Sony store and then they just went ahead and screwed him over. It works and everything it just isn’t new and I feel bad that he went to all the trouble to find what he thought was the best player (and it is a good player) and then it is all scratched and used. I don’t know if it was a floor model or returned or something. There’s also a sticker on it that says to take it back to the manufacturer, not the store, so we thought it could have been refurbished which would be fine IF they were selling it as a refurbished product which they were not.  Anyway, I feel really bad and I’m not sure what we should do. It’s just unfortunate.

Mom also made a fantastic dinner last night — I swear it was the best turkey I’ve ever tasted! AND she made me a pumpkin loaf and pumpkin cookies and rice cookies (all of which are candida-friendly and the BEST baking I’ve had all year — with the exception of the yummy gluten, sugar, dairy free cake that is)!

Some of the family came over today — aunts, uncles, and my grandparents. Brian hadn’t met my grandparents yet, and it was nice that he did finally get to. Then we had a good old fashioned game of Texas Hold ‘Em, which I learned how to play and only messed up a couple of times (like telling my hand before we had finished betting, but Brian let me have the hand anyway)…oops!

It was all just lovely and I feel very happy right about now. And tired.

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take our kids to work day, a success. what did you want to be when you grew up?

Posted on November 2, 2006. Filed under: The Little Bro |

I took the little bro to work today and it was so much fun!

From the get-go, we got up early and were actually out of the house on time. I realized that my ritual of saying Good Morning! every morning as I pass where my grandparents lay in the cemetary might be construed as odd, so I explained quickly right before we got there and we both yelled in happy tones Good Morning! as we flew past. Honestly, it was so sweet, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

I was happily excitedly nervous to take him into the office — mostly excited, but he did very well and made me very proud. I was impressed as he actually spoke up, wasn’t shy and remembered to shake people’s hands (I even tested his handshake the night before, and its good. Solid.) I showed him a lot of stuff and we both taught each other some tricks — I was impressed at his questions and ideas.

Later at yoga, I thought of two things. First — my job didn’t even exist when I was growing up — so clearly, I never wanted to “be it when I was older”. I remember phases of wanting to be a teacher until I realized that not only did I dislike kids, and stupidity, but I didn’t want to help spread knowledge in that way either. (I’m mean like that). I wanted to be a psychologist…but that phase passed. Then a lawyer. This one lasted the longest, until I realized that I didn’t want to work those hours, or actually work on cases involving people — basically, writing this, I wanted a job without interaction with the public I guess (a result of too many bad retail jobs in high school I believe). I would love to go to law school, but would likely never practise — and therefore couldn’t justify the cost.

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did your job exist when you were a kid? Did you actually become what you always dreamed you would be? I wonder how many people do…

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the return of the dyingness

Posted on October 16, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness, The Little Bro |

I think the dyingness has returned. Or perhaps it has manifested itself into something new. On the bright side, my brother noted that if something ever goes terribly wrong then I can at least start to eat whatever the hell I want again :). What a cutie. Ever the optimist.

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the little bro coming to work

Posted on October 13, 2006. Filed under: The Little Bro |

November 1 is Take Our Kids to Work Day and the little bro wants to come to work with me. I’m pretty sure it will be okay and am really excited to show him off to everyone. He actually asked if he could come with me and pointed out the fact that they are supposed to get taken out for lunch. What a guy 🙂

Have you ever participated in this day? They sure didn’t have it around when I was in grade 9.

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chinese lantern festival

Posted on October 1, 2006. Filed under: Family, Friends, randomness, The boy(s), The Little Bro |

I went over to Brian’s new place last night and it’s pretty nice! It made me jealous — and yearning for my own space…all in good time I guess. We went to good ol’ Green Papaya and then down to The Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place. I definitely wouldn’t have paid $40 bucks to go in there, but the cheap tickets through work were just great and it was pretty cool to see some of these things and how they were made — dragons made out of china wear and from some vantage points, being able to see level up on level of lights with dragons floating in water and pandas etc. it was pretty neat.

Kevin’s first hockey game was today and he looked really good in net — then to an Oktoberfest party for a bit before heading to dinner at the new hot spot in town — the first Thai restaurant to open there. I ran into so many people I knew and, funnily enough, Brian knew someone who was there with a group of people I knew from high school — so random.

A lovely weekend so far 🙂

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