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little one

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I was fish sitting for Brian while he was in Ottawa, and well, this little Betta fish (Tuffy) has so much personality. I swear it knows when I’m home and it starts swimming around frenetically and watching me. Now that he’s home, I needed to fill the void so I went and picked out my own fish (whose name is Little One). He’s not as personable just yet — but I’m hoping he’ll come around once he’s used to his new environment.

I haven’t had a fish since I was a kid and I had goldfish. I remember leaving them with my grandparents twice. The first time I think the cat got them and she replaced the fish (much to my mom’s dismay as she wanted rid of the little things). The next time she came into the kitchen and found the fish on the floor. Sad, she scooped them up and tossed them into the toilet when they started swimming around again. She had to scoop them back out of the toilet and return them to their bowl!

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to ottawa and back

Posted on June 30, 2007. Filed under: The boy(s), Travelling |

I took the train up to Ottawa on Tuesday night and it was only about an hour late because we broke down just outside of Gananoque. Brian met me at the train and we wandered around the city, trying to find food.

I met my cousin and his wife the next day for lunch. We haven’t had an actual conversation probably for 20 some odd years, so it was nice to talk as grown ups. Then I met up with two of my old housemates from Queen’s for dinner. And I have not had that much fun or laughed that hard since we lived together four years ago. Seriously. That was the absolute best year and I really wish we could get together more often than once every four years or so.

Brian was up there for a two week session with the NAC. We went to the final concert on Thursday night — all young, accomplished conductors. And it was really neat to see 5 conductors perform pieces back-to-back. We then booted it out of town, and stayed in Kingston overnight. We found a cheap, local motel that was actually really nice. After a quick breakfast with Brian’s friend Sean we were back to Toronto.

At my parents, my other housemate from Queen’s, and one of my closest friends happened to call — completing the reunion 🙂

I then raced home to see if the fish was okay (I was fish sitting for Brian) and he did not look so hot. Kind of hovering near the top of the bowl and not really moving. I was really quite worried as I’ve already grown quite attached to the fish. But he’s in new water and right as rain now.

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one reason why i love facebook

Posted on June 23, 2007. Filed under: facebook, social marketing |

We all remember WAY back in March when I was having an inner struggle with my full adoption and embracing of facebook. Well on top of the networking and small world phenomenon that it provides in a visual way (which I have always loved in the real, off line world) is that I can manage the brevity of the messages. I learned about a year ago that I don’t really enjoy reading or writing personal emails of any significant length. That most of my blog posts are extremely short and that I glaze over when I read long, scrolling-on-forever tirades or explanations of the world. What I love most about facebook is that you are encouraged to be brief. I respond very very well to short, succinct messages. Facebook has actually become beneficial to me in maintaining relationships in a more constant and meaningful way than email ever had. AND has generated more face-to-face meetings and interactions than anything (save for ICQ in University). So if you aren’t on there yet — try facebook out. It may just do the trick.

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kimbooktu and booklounge

Posted on June 21, 2007. Filed under: Books |

My absoultely favourite blog about all things books (actual books, book type furniture, games, gadgets etc.) just did a feature about a new blog over at Definitely check out Kimbooktu frequently — she discovers a lot of very cool book-related gizmos and just ran her first contest ever that was open to contestants around the world. You can see the winners here. And you can sign up for her newsletter too! Check her out and let me know what you think!

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mitch joel and social marketing

Posted on June 19, 2007. Filed under: internet, social marketing |

I went to the IAB‘s social marketing course last Wednesday, taught by Mitch Joel (Hi Mitch!). I have to say that I have not had such an inspiring day in a long, long time. Mitch ran through everything from RSS feeds to podcasting to social networks, to wikis, etc. So, nothing that I haven’t learned about or come across before (mostly thanks to a solid foundation laid by John at SFU — thanks John! And from ending up working in online marketing via an English undergrad and Masters in Pubishing — who would have thought!?), but he spoke in such a motivating way and presented each section with such enthusiasm and energy that I couldn’t help but be inspired and to generate new thoughts about how to use these tools in different and interesting ways. And to use more of them.

If you cannot get to the next sessions put on by the IAB, then please definitely be sure to check them out in the fall (they’ll be making their way across Canada). Don’t be intimidated — you can get so much out of this day-long course either as someone who has barely used the internet or has any experience in online ventures to those who dabble or who use some or all of these tools frequently.

I leave you with a video from Mitch’s presentation. You can learn, quite concisely, all about podcasting:

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sir salman rushdie

Posted on June 16, 2007. Filed under: Books |

Salman Rushdie, one of my favourite authors, was knighted. I still haven’t read Midnight’s Children, but it is definitely way up on the top of the list.

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rapid transit in toronto

Posted on June 15, 2007. Filed under: Climate Change, Environment, gta, public transit, Travelling |

I am SO excited at the potential prospect of my dream come through — rapid transit and more subways in the GTA! Here’s hoping it actually happens.

I am constantly frustrated with public transit (especially when I come home from London and wish that the tube could be superimposed over the GTA).  (I’ve talked about taking the train before) Not only does it take over an hour to get from the outer lines of the GO train into the downtown core, but most of the lines only run a few trains in the morning (4 usually) and in the rush-hour time. This is not acceptable. Also, I still have to drive to the station and, in Mississauga, there are no spots by 7:30. That’s right, all 770 spots are full by the time the second train has pulled out — what happens to those who want to take the next 3 trains? Ridiculous!

Everyone should live within 10 minutes walking distance from a train or subway station and trains should run all day and frequently.

I do take the train and subway as much as I can. I still have a 20 minute drive to the subway but only a 7 minute trip to the train station. I don’t take the busses, however, because I can drive anywhere they’re going to take me faster, so why would I?

This is one great step and I have my fingers crossed!

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mark haddon’s view of sense of humour, quite humourous

Posted on June 15, 2007. Filed under: Books |

Despite the title of this post by Mark Haddon, his explanations and comparison between Americans, Canadians and the British sense of humour is spot on and so funny! What do you think? Do you agree?

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Pre Order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Gift Certificate

Posted on June 12, 2007. Filed under: Books |

If you pre-order the new Harry Potter from Amazon they are giving you a $5 gift certificate to use on another order on top of the already great discount. You can pre-order the book here and they will email you with the gift certificate info. Pretty cool!

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one day…

Posted on June 11, 2007. Filed under: The boy(s) |

Brian is contemplating moving to Europe. Not for a year or so, but contemplating (and I believe it’s a highly likely move). It would be great for his career for sure. And I think he should defintiely go. But I also think we would most likely end up ending things. So here’s a flash into the thirty second initial reaction to this discussion/news last night all in my head:

Okay so he’ll be leaving in a year or so which means we’ll likely break up because I won’t be going and so why are we bothering to be together now? Why not just break up now if it’s going to happen anyway? Why prolong the inevitable?

And then the more rational me thinks:

Because we’ll just have to wait and see and not worry about it until it happens and then deal with it.

And I continue to fluctuate between these two pools of thought.

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