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new face of fiction

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I went to the Gladstone last night to a Chapters & VIP event for The New Face of Fiction and had a fantastic time. My favourite part, I’ll admit is being able to (after the move) come home after work AND head downtown a couple of hours later because it isn’t ridiculously far any more and I don’t have to just hang out at work for hours waiting for the clock to tick away. These factors put me in a fabulous mood and mindset to start the night off.

Ami McKay (author of The Birth House) introduced two new Canadian authors, Jen Sookfong Lee (author of the newly released The End of East and Neil Smith (author of Bang Crunch). Jen and Neil spoke and read passages from their novels and they were both very well-spoken and had very funny anecdotes to share. Now, I’ll admit that I haven’t read any of the three books…so I can’t comment on them, but I will say that The End of East has jumped up my list of what to read next so stay tuned — or if you’ve read any of these books, let me know what you thought.

As a side note — The Gladstone seems to be an extra happening place lately — I was invited to see a friend do a poetry reading next Monday. It’s apparently a monthly deal and next Monday’s theme is Strong Words. Come check it out if you have a chance.

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more condo stuff…

Posted on March 26, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

The furniture was moved in yesterday and it feels a lot more like home now. Only, I’ve unpacked everything we brought and, well, I realize that there’s still a lot more to come over from my parents! Mom and I went back to Home Outfitters and I got some cute rugs for the door and kitchen and saw a table that’s way bigger than I was expecting to have in here, but I think it will work just fine. You can fit way more in 480 sq feet than I thought you could! I found some more outstanding things I needed to buy as well and feel all set to just be here.

I love that I can just walk over to the store. I even looked up a recipe tonight and just went and got everything and made it up (spaghetti squash — yum!).

The only thing that was weird today was having so much time! I could have got so much done — and I did, but feel like there was still so much more I could have packed in and I love that I can just be here getting whatever I want done, or not, done.

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i think i failed my breathing test

Posted on March 24, 2007. Filed under: Candida, The Dyingness |

When I last saw the Doctor, he sent me for an EKG and a breathing test. I guess the EKG came back fine, as I haven’t heard otherwise, but I think I failed the breathing test today.

First of all, I wasn’t expecting it to take 45 minutes, but here’s what they do. You have to breathe normally for 4 breaths then inhale sharply, exhale sharply until your lungs are empty and then inhale again. I couldn’t do anything after the inhale sharply bit.  I was trying to exhale and everything was out of me WAY before I was supposed to stop.

Now, the doctor also gave me 2 puffers. An orange one and a blue one.

I hadn’t taken them because I really didn’t think I should unless I absolutely had to, but when I think of it, I’m short of breath almost all the time. Even walking up stairs. Forget that. Even just walking. But I just thought it must be because I was out of shape.

Anyway, she then gave me 2 puffs from a blue puffer and I got to sit and attempt to do the test over again. As the puffs were sinking into my lungs, I could actually feel something (or things) releasing. And I could breathe better. So we’ll see what the doctor says, but I’m going to take the puffers for a little while.

At least then I’ll be able to tell you if they affect candida in any way. I suspect that they will.

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not too much progress today

Posted on March 21, 2007. Filed under: Candida, Condo Things |

I’m tired of getting the place ready already. I’m sitting on the floor on a pillow watching my TV, which is resting on top of a T-Fal 8 piece pot and pan set box and attempting to do some homework and get things organized, but I’m tired.

My little bro came to see the place today, which makes it feel better. Cozier.

We also programmed the heat so it isn’t freezing tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

And I learned that a No Frills is not a candida-friendly store. I managed to find some goat feta and eggs (after opening no fewer than 7 cartons that were broken) and I filled my prescription for my puffers — remember that last doctor’s appointment? I go for my breathing test on Friday and never heard back about the EKG, so I assume it’s fine.

So, I ask — how does candida react to puffers? One orange. One blue. I cannot fathom that it’s positively.

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night, the first

Posted on March 20, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

Last night was my first night in the condo. Nothing else is there except for my bed and the bare essentials, but I was determined to not drive for an hour to get to work today.

Instead, I woke up earlier than normal because the thermostat has been preset to below freezing! And I was so cold. Then I didn’t want to move, so I stayed cuddled up, trying to go back to sleep, but the cars kept rolling past the window. Anyway, I got up later than I would usually (by a whole half an hour!) and took my time getting ready.

When I got out to the parking lot at 8:00, my car was still there – yay! And no one else’s was. Everyone in this place must work super early or super far away.

And then I drove.

And it only took 15 minutes to get to work!

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painted the town… hazelnut cream?

Posted on March 19, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

Brian finished painting my place today. What a guy. Ironically it’s the most time we’ve had to spend together in a long time and all we did was work away on the condo. It was nice. Anyway, my bedroom is now done — bright yellow. I cleaned the carpet today and it was disgusting. I almost want to do it again as I’m sure there’s more disgustingness to come out of it…but time’s up.

The other room was painted Hazelnut Cream…which looks pink in some light, brown in others and just plain white depending on the time of day. So now it’s onto attacking the kitchen, bathtub and floors tomorrow and then moving stuff in.

I’m hoping to sleep there tomorrow, but I’m not sure that will happen. We’ll see how much I get done and how organized I am with my stuff for work on Tuesday. And I have stupid assignments for my stupid classes to get done sometime this week.

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another women’s wit quote

Posted on March 18, 2007. Filed under: Quotes |

“Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.”
–Marion Pearson

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the condo report

Posted on March 18, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

Locks are changed on the condo and it’s starting to feel more like mine now.

We painted the bedroom yellow (my favourite colour — and my third yellow room). Somehow yellow just feels like home. And as soon as I saw the paint on the walls, the room was mine.

A few friends dropped by to see the place, which was very nice! It was fun to show them around — the grand tour of the place.

We went for lunch with Brian’s friends and then headed back for more painting.

I finally selected a colour for the main room. It’s pretty much the same colour that is on the walls right now — or at least I hope it will be close. Brian’s right though, it will look nicer with a fresh coat of paint on it. But, I had to rush back to town to get the paint before the store closed at 6:00. Another added expense that I wasn’t planning on, but I think it will be worth it. I guess I should get used to signing my paycheques away.

So tomorrow will be day 2 of painting and carpet cleaning. Woo hoo.

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i got it

Posted on March 17, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

Well, after weeks now of you hearing all about the condo, the offer, the mortgage, the everything, the deal closed today. I got the key at noon and first headed by the cemetery to tell my grandparents (because they would be the most proud right now) and then headed over to the new place. I phoned Brian on the way, but I got there, finally unlocked the door with the correct key and it’s still super cute! It was freezing in there — about 12 degrees Celsius, so I turned on the heat and left to try to find lunch. I found a Vietnamese place not more than 2 minutes away that I can eat at — and lunch was only  $6! It was great! Then I went back and unloaded my car and Brian came shortly thereafter. We washed the walls in the bedroom and prepped it for painting. I cleaned the bathroom and started on the fridge and then I was tired. So we came back home and had dinner at a fantastic greek place in town and completely crashed. I think I wasn’t tired from working, just exhausted mentally from the last few weeks of planning and strategizing. My family is in the States, but my mom called to make sure that everything was okay.

Now I am just a bit anxious. Now that this has all gone through and I’m there, that this actually was a good decision. The right decision. I think it was.

Back tomorrow to get the locks changed and to start painting…we’re now painting the entire place, which I wasn’t planning on doing this weekend, so I have to go find another colour to paint the main room…something light and warm, but not yellow because that’s the bedroom colour.

Anyway, I think I’m still excited. I’m just too tired to tell 🙂

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did you know?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

That in the fine print for a mortgage you agree to let the bank record all phone calls between you and the bank?

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