not too much progress today

Posted on March 21, 2007. Filed under: Candida, Condo Things |

I’m tired of getting the place ready already. I’m sitting on the floor on a pillow watching my TV, which is resting on top of a T-Fal 8 piece pot and pan set box and attempting to do some homework and get things organized, but I’m tired.

My little bro came to see the place today, which makes it feel better. Cozier.

We also programmed the heat so it isn’t freezing tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can sleep tonight.

And I learned that a No Frills is not a candida-friendly store. I managed to find some goat feta and eggs (after opening no fewer than 7 cartons that were broken) and I filled my prescription for my puffers — remember that last doctor’s appointment? I go for my breathing test on Friday and never heard back about the EKG, so I assume it’s fine.

So, I ask — how does candida react to puffers? One orange. One blue. I cannot fathom that it’s positively.


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3 Responses to “not too much progress today”

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Hi doth/.H!

I have allergic asthma. But, I have to say my symptoms have greatly improved since I’ve been on the anti-Candida diet (just over two years now) and had additional nutritional support to help with wheezy-ness and sinusitus (sp??). I have been advised by my current – and previous – nutritional therapists that ventolin (the blue one) ‘is not a good thing’ (presumably because it is a steroid?), but they haven’t specifically said it will make candida symptoms any worse – and besides, I’ve never had to use my inhaler *that* frequently to find out. The single biggest factor, I feel, in the improvement of my asthma symptoms was giving up red meat (which is inflammatory) and cutting back other meat products to the minimum (tend to just eat organic, free range chicken these days – not more than two or three times a month).

Hope this helps!

Hi Djinn! Thanks so much for your note! As you probably know, steroids definitely cause (and likely aggravate Candida) so that makes sense about the blue one.

Very interesting about the red meat though — if it’s allergic asthma, is there anything that stimulates it? This makes it more interesting to me that changing your diet would improve your symptoms.

I did my breathing test today, and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do a great job, but she gave me 2 puffs of the blue one and I am still noticing the difference about 7 hours later!

Thanks for your help and information!

Yep, my asthma is triggered by all sorts of things, like grass pollen/catkin pollen, cigarette smoke (so, no hanging about in pubs for me – can’t wait until the smoking ban comes in!), some perfumes also set me off. Tends to be worse when I’m already suffering with hayfever (for obvious reasons). Plus, I usually get a nasty bout of breathlessness each autumn (caused by leafmould I think) for which I have to use a Flixonase inhaler for the duration. Tend to get wheezy in damp places too – again, down to mould/fungus probably – which makes sense given my candida problems. Asthma and allergies of various descriptions run in my family, and I was once told (by probably the only sympathetic doctor I’ve ever had – unfortunately she went on maternity leave soon after and never returned to the surgery) that people with pre-existing allergies are more prone to candida problems and recurring thrush, in her experience. Which makes a lot of sense!

I suspect that Ventolin could make oral thrush worse (as that’s the site of absorbtion), but I doubt it would have much ill effect elsewhere. Plenty of yoghurt would probably stave off any flare ups. If you have asthma and need to use your inhaler regularly then you absolutely must! Hang the candida – the last thing you want is to end up in hospital with an attack (which is a truly frightening experience) – or , heaven forbid, even worse off. You’ll probably find as you get your candida problem under control, the breathlessness will subside anyway, as your body becomes stronger at fending of the effects of allergic triggers (did that make sense?). Better safe than sorry! 🙂 Really, ventolin is marvellous stuff – a real God send when you really need it. But did you experience palpitations when you first took it? I often feel a bit wobbly if I haven’t had a puff for a while.

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