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Posted on March 17, 2007. Filed under: Condo Things |

Well, after weeks now of you hearing all about the condo, the offer, the mortgage, the everything, the deal closed today. I got the key at noon and first headed by the cemetery to tell my grandparents (because they would be the most proud right now) and then headed over to the new place. I phoned Brian on the way, but I got there, finally unlocked the door with the correct key and it’s still super cute! It was freezing in there — about 12 degrees Celsius, so I turned on the heat and left to try to find lunch. I found a Vietnamese place not more than 2 minutes away that I can eat at — and lunch was only  $6! It was great! Then I went back and unloaded my car and Brian came shortly thereafter. We washed the walls in the bedroom and prepped it for painting. I cleaned the bathroom and started on the fridge and then I was tired. So we came back home and had dinner at a fantastic greek place in town and completely crashed. I think I wasn’t tired from working, just exhausted mentally from the last few weeks of planning and strategizing. My family is in the States, but my mom called to make sure that everything was okay.

Now I am just a bit anxious. Now that this has all gone through and I’m there, that this actually was a good decision. The right decision. I think it was.

Back tomorrow to get the locks changed and to start painting…we’re now painting the entire place, which I wasn’t planning on doing this weekend, so I have to go find another colour to paint the main room…something light and warm, but not yellow because that’s the bedroom colour.

Anyway, I think I’m still excited. I’m just too tired to tell 🙂


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