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i promise that the stats obsession will wear off

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38 yesterday — thanks for a new record! (and for fueling the fire of my stats obsession).

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stop the world, i think he has a girlfriend

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I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that my little brother (who’s 13) has had a girlfriend for a while or, at the very least, a crush. I’ve been pestering him since last summer off and on and asked one of his friends if anyone know about Kevin’s “crush” and he said “everyone knows…” haha. I’ve also had this suspicion confirmed by the fact that he punches me very hard in the arm whenever I ask about crushes. A few months ago I made a good guess at who the girl was (and I think it was accurate because it warranted another hard punch to the arm).

Anyway, tonight there were a few kids here to do a group project, one of them being the girl. And, when they were saying goodbye at the door, she turned around with this “I have a huge crush on you, or I’m your girlfriend” face (I couldn’t tell which) and said (in a girly, cute voice) “bye Kevin..” and had a cute little wave.

Wow — I mean if they aren’t together then she really wants to be. I then (of course) asked yet again and was punched yet again. But I remember the ever-so-important relationships that transpired in the eighth grade and it would just be so fun to hear about them again. I guess if I want to keep my arm from being bruised I’d better stop asking, but isn’t that what sisters are for?

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the grammar nazi – luckily first impressions aren’t important

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In my fourth year of my undergrad degree in English Lit I had a modern literature class and on the very first day we were informed that we would lose 3% on each grammatical error we had in a paper up to a maximum of 12%. Now, to a class full of snobby Queen’s kids who are at the end of their time there, this seemed like t he end of the world. “Who the hell does he think he is?” we were thinking as we stared in shock. I believe that some jaws actually dropped open. He became known as the grammar nazi and everyone immediately disliked him; some even dropped his class the next day. For those of us who stuck in there and actually learned a thing or two about constructing sentences (something that you should learn in elementary school, not when you’re 22 years old), the lectures were really the most interesting and our class really did come up with some wonderful discussions. We even ended up nominating him for a teacher of the year award, which he won.

Anyway, I just went out for dinner with this professor now three years after graduation and it was such a nice time. I often feel a bit in over my head at the vast amounts of knowledge he has stored in his head, and the fact that we really don’t have anything but that one class and a few books we’ve both read in common, but it’s always a fascinating and interesting evening and I hope they continue on.

Not really a post that’s too interesting, I know, just something that I want to remember.

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