almost christmas

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Well, it’s almost Christmas and it looks like it’ll be a green one this year. I’ve just about finished overspending yet again, but I guess that’s okay. There may be a day when I can’t afford to do it, so I might as well spoil everyone while I can.

I went to see my cousin and her new baby again today. He is just so cute! Then hit the mall for some last minute realization gifts. When I started running into everyone I knew, I figured it was time to head home before I was trapped there for hours.

Brian and I are having our Christmas tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to finally having time to spend together — and more than just a few hours here scattered here and there. I’m not sure, but I feel like other people in relationships might see one another and do things together a heck of a lot more often than he and I do.

I’m looking forward to spending time off work and at home too.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Do you have anything special planned?

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sarah harmer’s escarpment tour

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Last year Brent and I went to see Sarah Harmer play in Georgetown. Brian and Alex came too — but got seats after us, so sat behind us somewhere. I could still drink beer at this time and I was a little drunk before the show…but it was fantastic, especially because it was so close to home.

She is working with a group called PERL to help raise awareness and to protect the Niagara Escarpment. She was back yesterday to wrap up with a docu-concert that she had created with Andy Keen about the tour, which started up in Tobermory and ended in Burlington last year. The DVD is called The Escarpment Blues and I’d say it’s a must-see, especially for people living anywhere along the escarpment. It opened my eyes to a few things and by the sounds of it, it’s also really opening Sarah’s eyes to a whole new world and process of getting things done. I hope that she sticks with it and that more people become involved with her organization, PERL. Their main opponent right now, Nelson Aggregates was charged with transplanting an endangered tree (the butternut tree) and altering a waterway. You can read more about this on their site, and sign the petition too while you’re there.

Brian and I went to see this docu-concert yesterday as part of our date for our 10-month anniversary. Then we went to the new Thai place down the street and ended the night with Kinsey (the only previously-viewed VHS tape at the store that we could purchase for less than $4 — no, I don’t own a DVD player yet, and the fam was watching hockey, so we were banned to my room).

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heat wave

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I don’t wanna go out into the 47 degree C heat.

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crazy storm last night

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There was the craziest storm last night. I was on the phone with Brian and all of a sudden, it went dead.

The power was out.

He calls back and I try, in the dark, to find the non-cordless phone. After 8 or so rings there was success.

“Sorry hon, power went out. I think there might be a tornado. Gotta go downstairs. Apparently to the basement. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

We don’t go into the basement, but the trees outside are perfectly sideways and the eye of the storm is above. We manage to find the few candles that aren’t packed and watch the most lightening at once that I have ever seen.

This morning there was power, but branches down EVERYWHERE and I even saw a tree uprooted.

I guess the reality of the GTA turning into the next Tornado alley as the globe heats up, and climate and weather patterns change is really starting to come true. We had a few minor touch downs last year, but it looks like we’re dead set to be the ones who get the brunt of the storms for the next few years at least.

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