can you return a warranty?

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I just used the gift card I won to buy a cute little MacBook. It was a bit of an impetuous purchase. Brian and I were in Future Shop and they were on sale. I didn’t have my gift card. I came all the way home and couldn’t stop thinking about the computer, so I went back and got it. I knew I had the $500 gift card and that my mom had given me $500 towards a computer in the fall. So I had $1000 technically going in. The computer was $1199, and so I figured that with taxes, it would be a three way split.

Then the warranty appeared.

I did not expect it to be $300 for a 3 year warranty.

I hesitated immensely.

I know I have the 1 year warranty through Apple, but I’ve heard so many stories of people with laptops (various brands) messing up huge and not being able to be fixed.

I’m a logical person, and it makes sense to be completely covered. And the guy took the price down a bit ($30).

But then I got home and my dad thought I was crazy to have got the warranty.

So, now I can feel confident that if I had not purchased it, then the computer for sure will go kaput once the year is over. On the other hand, it is a mac — and they tend to last forever.

And, well, at the end of the day, that’s the decision I made and I’ll have to stick with it. Unless you can return a warranty? Is that a possibility?

What are your thoughts? Should I have gone for the warranty? I ended up getting a sweet computer, plus warranty for only $700 of my own money which isn’t bad.

I just wish I had some more information about this whole warranty thing. It sounds like a good deal (providing that Future Shop is around in 3 years!). If you computer is broken beyond repair they give you a whole new one; they don’t bother trying to fix it.

And — I’m in bed typing this right now.

How much better can it get than that!

Surely that’s worth me putting in $400 for the computer and $300 for insurance purposes right? That’s technically only $100 per year over 3 years.

And, well, with the plans to move out in the spring afoot, this will surely be my last big purchase for a long, long time.

Now the only other thing I have to worry about is this whole new Leopard operating system that’s coming out and how I might be able to upgrade to it for not a lot of money…?

Help! Help me deal with my anxiety over this decision I made…please!

I think I’m having problems with it because this is the first and only purchase in my 26 years on this earth of this magnitude that I didn’t REALLY need. I have another computer that is working just fine. I feel a bit also like I’m neglecting the computer.

So many issues for what should be such a fun and exciting purchase.

But I think the MacBook and I will get along just fine.


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8 Responses to “can you return a warranty?”

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Ok, first things first… congrats on getting a Mac. Is this your first?

As for the warranty – It’s often not a bad idea to get coverage for laptops… Did you get AppleCare coverage, or is it a specific FutureShop extended warranty?

Thanks Jeremy! I enjoy your congrats 🙂

I do own an iMac (the cute one that sticks out its tongue), but this is my first laptop!

Now that I’ve had a Mac, I’ll never be able to go back — even though I’m on a PC at work all day.

Thanks for the support too on the warranty. I went with the FutureShop one in the end. I feel better now though — thanks for your comment! Any other tips?

You deserve that lovely computer. And you made a very good purchase. And just yesterday, my yoga instructor was saying her Mac died (it wasn’t very old) and now they’re saying they can’t save it. So the warranty: very good idea.

You work hard, you are not frivolous (sp?), and every now and again you deserve a treat. Especially considering what you’ve gone through over the past year with the candida, the diet and all.

I think the warranty was a good idea as well. As long as Future Shop stays in business for the next three years ;).

Since you got a laptop, they are much harder to work on if there is a problem, so a warranty is a smart purchase. I wouldn’t say the same for a desktop since they are much easier to fiddle around with if there is a problem.

Aw, thanks ragdoll 🙂 I appreciate it!

Thanks everyone too for all of the congrats and saying that the warranty was a good idea. I’m feeling much better about it after your comments. At least too, with the Future Shop warranty, they give you a whole new computer if it dies (the newest model) and if it takes more than 60 days (say you’re waiting for a part) then they give you a new computer.

Now I just need to find a cute little laptop bag so I can transport it around with me.

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