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how long is the blanket going to take?

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2 rows successfully completed — eight million to go! How long do you think it will take me to finish this blanket? Pick a date and the person closest wins…well, the honour of picking the right date.

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long distances and lack of phone skills

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I'm starting to think that this whole long distance thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. At first I thought I'd totally be great with me being here and Brian in Arizona, but something backfired.

I want to spend more time with him and I really don't love talking on the phone.

I mean it is nice to hear his voice every day, but I often don't have anything new to say and then I default into making stupid remarks or commenting on our relationship by saying things like:

me: are we still dating?
him: like going steady? haha
me: ha — ya… so do i get a pin?
him: do they still make those?
me: i don't know — we should find out though

I just end up filling the space with meaningless conversation quantity, not quality for sure. I guess there's really no other option until he gets home in July, but at least I've learned some new things about myself.

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perhaps a doctor who isn’t an idiot?

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Not sure if this is disclosing way too much information, but the GI sent me to an OBGYN because he is beyond stumped and figured, hey this guy might know of something I don't. The appointment was booked last November for April — they don't often take new patients unless they are um, pregnant.

Well, this guy went over pretty much everything with me and actually listened. He was with me for over an hour and did some more blood tests (I'm getting good at the whole letting them suck out my blood thing) and yay, yet another test I have to go for at the hospital (though I'm going to have to wait until the end of May because things are just too busy with all of the other appointments).

One thing that was interesting is that he looked at my soon-to-be-famous tongue and then when he was doing his exam said that the same lesions weren't anywhere else. I'm thinking this is a good thing — he then says, well, yes, it's a good thing, however.

Damn. A however. Can't be good.

The tongue share the same membranes, make-up etc., as a good part of your body so the rest should really have the same ulcerations — he said it was abnormal that it is just on the tongue.


Yet another abnormality.

He's also sending me to another dermatologist. Now, after seeing the tongue idiot I really don't want to go, but he let me in on a medical joke (or so he said).

That dermatologists know 2 diseases:

1. Those that are treated with steroids
2. Those that aren't

So any one of them would likely tell me to rub steroids on my tongue. I'm not certain that will really do anything for the overall affliction.

I do now have 3 doctors saying it's likely rheumatological or auto-immune related, so hopefully the rhematologist will be able to shed some light when I see him or her in 2 weeks.

The month of appointments continues…

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