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ad copy

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I ripped an ad out of The Economist today because I liked the copy. It read:

Blogs, vlogs, metaverses, folksonomies, podcasts.

Will new media have as big an effect on business, society and politics as they are having on dictionaries?

I’m going to take it into work — to the gpod — and hang it up.

I wish I could keep up with the weekly delivery of The Economist — I started the subscription around Christmastime and have successfully completed 2 full issues. Some have been read in tidbits, but the majority are just hanging around in a stack. They don’t take long to read — a couple of hours, but I never seem to find the time (unless I’m stuck in a doctor’s office waiting, which I’ll be doing 3 times this coming week so I should be able to get through a couple).

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i tried to be productive today, but to no avail

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I really wanted to cook or bake something today, but, despite the dozens of cookbooks I now own I only found 1 recipe I felt like trying — for muffins. I made yummy gluten, dairy and sugar-free cheese and chive muffins. They looked and smell perfect — but aren’t my favourite taste in the whole world. The recipe also only made 4…which I suppose is good seeing as though I’m the only one who will eat them. The funniest thing is that I found the recipe in a book from the UK — and they are called “Canadian Muffins”. Not sure why they get to have this prestigious name, but that was kind of why I wanted to try to make them. So, next step is to try to make them again but with rice syrup as sugar and a few blueberries. Maybe if I sweeten them up I won’t taste the GF baking powder so strongly.

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if i had an auto-immune disease, wouldn’t i be sick more often?

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When they dyingness was at it’s peak (the highest peak so far anyway), I was sick all of the time. I mean all of the time and anything would make me sick. If I exerted any small amount of energy I’d be on the couch for a week and my throat would close up and I’d be gross and beyond just a cold. But, that hasn’t happened once since last July — and I’m just wondering that either all of the diet b12s etc. are starting to work, or something is in some sort of weird remission, but if I had an auto-immune condition, wouldn’t I hypothetically be more prone to more illnesses? Wouldn’t they hit me first and I should be down for the count more often? Or am I totally off on that one?

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