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Behçet’s – may be onto something with the dyingness

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Hmmmm…this Behçet’s disease, or something similar to it could actually be what I have… I just looked it up and a lot of the symptoms are present, though not all, and not the ones that are the most common necessarily…again, no linking privileges as I’m on the mac, but some of the links are:

This is my favourite part on this link (insert sarcasm here):
How severe the disease is varies from patient to patient. Some patients may live normal lives, but others may become blind or severely disabled.

And from this link the winners are:
The cause of this uncommon condition remains unknown, but experts in the field of Behcet’s research agree that it may be genetic.

There’s no cure for Behcet’s yet, but research continues and treatment’s available to keep symptoms at bay. The treatment recommended depends on which part of the body is affected and how severe the symptoms are. In general, topical steroids may be used for the ulcers, drops for eye inflammation and, in more severe cases, oral steroids or immuno-suppressant drugs may be used. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines can relieve pain.

Not that this is necessarily what I have, but what I think I would be the most upset at the fact that if this is what I had, I couldn’t get the ocular implants for my eyes because of the inflammation. That would be upsetting to me because all I’ve ever really wanted is to be able to see without uber-thick glasses or contacts (which no longer come in my strength).

Now I’m getting depressed… 😦

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conversations with lab technicians

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them: have you been fasting?
me: no
them: you need to fast for 12 hours to have this one test
me: i just got this requisition 5 minutes ago, so I didn’t so much know that. Can I do the rest of them and do that one later
them: then we’ll have to do it twice
me: yes, but I don’t know when I can come back again, so I’d like to have the others done now
them: sigh, okay, fine

Then the stupid blood didn’t want to go into the needle. It’s never been that bad before — though the girl doing it didn’t make me make a fist to begin with — I started to but she beat me to it as she stabbed the needle in my arm and then it didn’t work. Sadly, I am now a pro at giving blood. Half an hour later, I had another needle jabbed into me for the b12. My poor arm 😦

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finally, a doctor who isn’t an idiot

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I went to see the rheumatologist for the first time today and she’s fantastic. My favourite parts of the visit were when I told her about my tongue (can’t link to stories on my mac — so, have a look through the dyingness category if you’re interested) having ulcerations on it:

me: my tongue has ulcers on it
her: really? like, ulcers? (in a voice of disbelief)
me: yes. well, leisions — so, ulcers
her: no…really? ulcers? like they are indented?
me: um, yes

Later, when doing her exam. Wow (as she counts 1,2,3,4,5…) you have ulcers. Those are definitely ulcers on your tongue. She has no idea what is causing them.

She also asked me if my feet are ever blue, to which I responded no. Then, when I took off my shoes for the exam I looked down and wow — my feet sure were blue. Like I’m talking gross corpse blue. Pretty sure it’s just from the tight shoes I was wearing, but it was pretty funny.

So she’s continuing the investigation into the dyingness. She seems to believe that it’s something to do with the GI tract (everyone’s come to that conclusion now), but she’s not sure what. Mentioned Beshetz (not sure of the spelling, and I haven’t looked it up yet), but all of the blood tests that my other doctor did were fine. My high ESR (58) is now back down to 11, but she tested for it again.

I’m looking forward to working with her on this; what now feels like a project. I think she’s the first candidate I would actually hire for the job outside of the naturopath and osteopath. Actually, she echoed a lot of what they have said, so maybe we’ll get both sides working together at last.

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