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why don’t people just understand?

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So one of my pet peeves in life is people who don't pull their weight. We just handed in the 43 page project that myself and another group member (out of 4) did pretty much all of and when we got to class last night one of our group members didn't even come and the other said in a worried, anxious tone "did you hand in the project".

I swear that it took every reasonable bone in my body to not slap him across the face.

I replied "no, we decided to not hand it in". Thinking "it's not like you did anything for it anyway". The only redeeming factor is that we had to do peer evaluations and I gave him .38 out of 1. And don't feel a bit bad about it. I know it's just a stupid course and marks don't really mean anything anyway (especially now), but freeloaders have irked me since the age of 6.

On the bright side, the project is done. On the down side, I have to try to learn the entire semester's worth of content by next Monday — hmmmm… not going to happen. We did have a practice exam and I almost passed it without studying at all, so I figure that a few hours of hitting the books will mean at least a 60% — sadly, the blanket (that is totally working and looks like the pattern in the book! will have to go on hold for a while).

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