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fourteen years old — i can’t believe it

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My little brother (who is, sadly, taller than me now) turned 14 yesterday. He just started playing tenor sax last year and I found the coolest books ever — Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter! Now he can increase his repetoire. My parents, however, topped me and got him an xbox 360. Little spoiled brat that he is 🙂

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give girls a chance charity

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I was listening to Jazz FM on my way to work yesterday (as always) and I learned about a charity called Give Girls a Chance. It produces funding for other grassroots groups that focus on girls, education and the poverty cycle. Half of the funds raised go to developing countries and the other half stay in Canada. It sounds like something I'd really like to get involved with — so I'm going to look into volunteering.

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suite francaise really is a masterpiece

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I am now a bit more than half way through Suite Francaise, and it is just such a well written and well translated book. The story behind it? Well, it was written as a novel in World War II — the author left her home to hide in the countryside. She wrote in very small handwriting while hiding away day after day and hid everything in a suitcase. I believe she was later taken to the camps and killed. Her daughter had the suitcase for 60 years and just opened it to find that the contents was not a journal (as she had suspected) but a novel intended to be in 5 parts, but only 2 were finished.

First of all this time period fascinates me. The History of the Holocaust was one of the most interesting classes I was able to take at Queen’s (we actually gave our prof a standing ovation at the end of term). The writing is so well-crafted that every word seems so carefully placed makes an impact. Precision.

The other thing I like is that you’re reading along and something terrible is about to happen and normally it wouldn’t be conceived of in a novel, but because of the time and situation and the atrocities, the terrible things do occur on the page. I’ve been left in absolute shock a couple of times and it’s a good thing.

Pushing the boundries and precision.

The making of a beautiful friendship.

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