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the B12 shot didn’t work for long and i’m never missing 2 weeks in a row again

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I had to miss 2 weeks in a row of getting my B12 shot because I had dinner over at a friends and then Craig's show for 2 Thursdays in a row. As this is the only night the naturopath is open late, I had to miss these 2 weeks. I was exhausted.

Finally on this past Thursday I could go and I perked up for all of Friday and part of Saturday but I think the busy-ness of the weekend killed me, even though it was fun and I'd do it again, I'm just going to have to face the fact that I can't do things like walk for a long period of time. Ah, the wonderful effects of the dyingness.

Friday night I missed a phone call from a good friend to go with her to try her wedding gown on. My brother was online and, with the country living and dial up, I didn't get the message until 2 1/2 hours later. So I missed the dress fitting, but I guess that means that the wedding will be an extra surprise! The two of us did go for coffee and caught up, and it was great because we haven't had a chance to chat just one-on-one for a long time.

Saturday, after working hunched over a laptop for 4 1/2 hours myself and another group member finished our group's project that is due tonight (second last night of class!). Phew. 43 pages later we were able to get it bound in time to hand in tonight.

Then there were the 5 games of bowling (ouch, my aching legs, and arms, and abs, and neck…and well, entire body).

Then Sunday I was tired, but very excited to have a coffee date and a shopping date with 2 very dear friends.

I managed to push the dyingness aside for the weekend, but I think I'm now really paying the consequences as I would love nothing more than to close my burning eyes and rest my head down on my desk. Fingers crossed that weekly B12 shots for the next 5 weeks in a row will have a positive affect on the energy levels.

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bowling with the bro and the brat beats me!

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I took the little brother bowling because it's been a while since the two of us hung out. Now this was 5-pin, pay by the hour bowling, and he really, really wanted to go for an hour and a half. Now I'm not sure if you've tried bowling for that long with 2 people but you can get 5 games in. Wow. My body still hurts. From bowling. And I'm exhausted.

So I averaged around 150 or so but the little one pulls three strikes in a row out of the air (after already getting 2) and ends up with a 219! At least he was happy with himself and he was genuinely happy that we'd had the opportunity to spend time together.

I just can't keep up to his almost-fourteen-year-old self. I don't think my previous fourteen-year-old self even had half the energy he seems to get from somewhere. I'm almost jealous!

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not admitting crochet defeat — the blanket is back on the table…or the lap…

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So the attempt at making a blanket was terminated (and restarted — don't fret). I was somehow dropping stitches, so the whole thing kind of turned into a big curl — however, it is a perfect hairband!

So, the project was kind of an accidental success in that now I have a fun hairband to wear (and yes, I'd actually wear it), AND I figured out what I was doing wrong, so I just started a blanket and it's perfect so far! and will actually be the size of a blanket, not a hairband.

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