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forgot to mention i finished the book

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She’s Come Undone — I did finish it, actually about 3 weeks ago or so and really didn’t find it to be anything special, and wonder where all the hype came from (other than the fact that Oprah told people to be hyped about it). The “symbolism” beats you over the head — okay, overweight girl struggles for her life — do you really have to equate that to a beached whale? While the story was good enough the book as a whole was forced and contrived. One aspect I did enjoy is that I found I couldn’t picture Dolores at all for the first part of the book. I did notice how much she was eating, and realized that I couldn’t get an image of her in my head, but then had a perfect one the minute that her weight is revealed. That was well done, otherwise, I’d say it’s a definite airplane book.

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good night and good luck

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I saw Good Night and Good Luck on the weekend and I tell you, I could have listened to the rhetoric all day, every day. I wish that the same decorum existed in contemporary conversation, but it seems to have vanished all together. Definitely worth seeing, and aptly timed, in light of the ever-developing attacks in the Middle East — makes you stop to wonder if there has ever been a span of more than 5 or 10 years where the US didn’t have a proclaimed “enemy”. Really, from the time the country was formed there were enemies. Fear built the nation. Come to this beautiful new land and kill off all of the people who are there before you. Assimilate or die I suppose, the mighty US has spoken. The enemy seems to change slightly every so often, communists, anyone who isn’t white or who doesn’t believe in “democrazy”, muslims, oil bearing countries…the list goes on. Perhaps the American government needs to define itself and prove itself through bearing those arms, instilling fear in its own and abroad, exploiting and enforcing victory over those who just can’t seem to get it right.

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