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the fam is moving

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My parents sold our house! So out we go — we have 12 weeks to oh, finish building the new house, pack and get outta dodge. Should be doable — I mean we finally have a working bathroom at the new house, and almost part of a kitchen… The rest should fall into place… right? I’m looking forward to buying all new furniture for my room! I sleep in the spare room right now because the Captain’s bed I got when I was 8 just doesn’t seem to cut it any more.

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i think the osteopath has magical powers

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I haven’t felt this fantastic in the last 2 years — still not perfect, but I’ll take it. It definitely is coming down to whatever magical powers the osteopath possesses. It’s crazy — he was working on cranial stuff and then my foot would jump, or my stomach would start gurgling. Which makes sense, but it was kind of cool.

He and I are both noticing a significant improvement after just 3 treatments — so, fingers crossed that there’s a reason why the doctors can’t find anything and all I need is just a little organ-oriented therapy and to stay on this crazy diet for a bit longer.

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