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a got a wonderful gluten-free easter package in the mail

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Brian sent me the best package ever! 4 sugar free, gluten free chocolate bars, lots of cookies, and a brownie! Plush all of our pictures from my last 2 trips to Arizona and New Years (we’ll have to add them to the scrapbook somehow), and CDs, and a cute card. What a sweetie. I’ve already devoured a great deal of the chocolate 🙂

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i almost hit a turkey on the way to work

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No, not an idiot driving a car, an actual turkey (as in gobble, gobble) almost bit the dust on my way to work. It was like a scene out of chicken run. A lone turkey on the side of the road on a mission to cross, while three others cower, hiding in the ditch and waiting to see if he makes it. I thought it was a goose at first (from a distance), but then it was bigger and bolder. The creature just walked right out in front of my car. I managed to avoid it, but I hope that the cars I could see in my rearview mirror did the same. Are wild turkeys an endangered species? Because I’ve seen more of them in the last 6 months than ever before. Actually, I had never seen one until about 6 months ago.

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why would i want a job from you?

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There was a message on the phone today from a company who is interested in talking to me about some job that is coming up that they’d like to interview me for. Apparently they have been reviewing my resume. Now, I haven’t applied for a job in about a year, and at that time I was desperately trying to escape from the evil company, so I did apply to several jobs, but I don’t remember the name of this company being one of them. Would I really want to work for a company that follows up a year later? I mean, maybe they just kept my resume on file for this long because they liked it, but come on. Now, am I supposed to call them back and say sorry, I have a job, thank you. Or just leave it unanswered? Leave them questioning? Leave them wanting more….?

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