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airport meetings and departures

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I’ve spent many an hour in airports, so I’m going to have to start blogging about airport memories.

The most recent one was last weekend when I went to visit a friend from Queen’s as he was on his way from Vienna to Victoria.

This was one of Cameron’s (one of the ex-boys) housemates and I can still picture the first time I met him in the kitchen of their house. Longish hair sticking out from underneath a toque.

The interesting thing is that when I think about Dustin, we have done SO much together. When Cameron left and moved to Saudi, he was there to have to pick up the pieces. He even carried me home from the bar more than once and slept downstairs to make sure everything was okay.

That summer in Kingston was the summer of movies and working crazy hours and going out to the bar many nights of the week. This was all going into third year so there were still 2 years of bonding.

We saw the Harry Potter movie on opening night (by mistake). We bought tickets off of a kid who had bought them but not all of his friends showed up. Then we cut in line with some friends up front.

We piled a whole bunch of people into my old Topaz and went to the drive-in, but we had to roll the windows down and cover ourselves in sleeping bags to keep the mosquitos from biting.

When Brian and I were together the first time Dustin came up to his cottage and the two of them tried to light fireworks in a canoe on the lake. He then discovered a wasps nest in right where he was sitting. That was also the night that Michelle freaked out because she saw a racoon.

He helped me move out of my house in Kingston.

There was the time he came over on his way home from Winnipeg and burried my brother in the snow stating it was his creation titled Kevin was eaten by a snowbank.

Then there were all the times in Victoria. When I lived in Vancouver, Dustin lived just one ferry ride away, and he took me in whenever I came to town. We had a marathon day the first time — went to the bar and watched playoff hockey (Toronto was in the playoffs so it was an afternoon game out west), then stopped for Dairy Queen while walking to the movie theatre to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…or something like that… I can’t remember the title.

I just find it amazing how the memories fly back in a flash as soon as I see Dustin. It was so good to see him and now I have another airport memory too.

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