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what do you believe in? God is no where. God is now here. (Hey Nostradamus)

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Religion and beliefs came up a few times last week (as they inevitably seem to do). And while always controversial, I’m going to take a stab at relaying the outcome of some of the conversations from last week.

I’m all for anyone believing whatever they want if they don’t try to convert people. It’s the converting people and forcing beliefs upong someone else that I think is what makes me feel like a lot of those “believers” out there aren’t thinking critically about anything and are following along blindly. You may think your beliefs are the best ones out there but if you haven’t realized that they don’t work for everyone then you haven’t thought critically about them or why you believe them.

Religion is the opiate of the masses.

I can’t get past the idea that perhaps the whole bible thing is a collection of stories and nothing more. Just like the pagan mythologies beforehand. People truly believed in those too.

The thing is I could totally see how there could be an existence of a “God” or some sort of power or being that brought the world into fruition. And I can see why people would want to believe in that. Totally can. So then I started to think that maybe I just don’t believe in anything. Is it possible to go through your life and not have beliefs? It can’t be. There’s no way, no matter how far out on the fringes of society you place yourself that you can exist without beliefs.

Then we come to the crisis.

When asked last week: What do you believe in then?

The only thing that could come to mind was critical thinking. I believe in not being an idiot and no matter what your beliefs are to prove that you have thought critically and not just defensively about them.

I had a friend who’s boyfriend was in bible college and every discussion we entered into about the bible if I were to ask him why something was this way or that way he would always reply “because God said so”.

That is not an answer.

That is nowhere near an answer.

That can be a belief, but to me “because God said so” does not indicate that you have thought about why he said so or what the affects of this statement really have on you as a person.

Maybe you have assessed all the facts and the only answer you can find is “because God said so”. Great. Works for me. Just please don’t be using it as a fallback plan so that you don’t have to concern your pretty little mind with the woes of the world.

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