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osteopath was very cool and i’m not sure if i talked to anyone?

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I finally went to see an osteopath about the dyingness and he confirms that my digestive tract is definitely shot to hell. It was cool though because he found parts that weren’t working well and where I’ve had a lot of pain but I didn’t mention to anyone else (because I didn’t want them to think I was crazy). Anyway, it was nice to have confirmation that something is wrong. We don’t know what it is, but he’s going to work on revitalizing the organs and making them work again. But it totally explains why, if everything in my body isn’t working, I’ve felt like crap and since it’s the GI tract, it explains my tongue grossness as well.

He did ask about emotional trauma and the only thing I can think of that actually fits exactly into my timeline for ill health was the passing of my grandparents within 6 months of one another. I don’t really buy into emotional stuff affecting your digestive tract, but perhaps there could have been a trigger somewhere. Anyway, I emailed him that so we’ll see what he makes of it.

I was then talking to Brian and he asked if I ever talked to anyone about my grandparents’ deaths…and well, I can’t remember. I must have though, right? I mean there were a few important people that I wasn’t speaking to at that point in life (including Brian and another ex), and I don’t typically talk about things like this when they happen. Not in detail anyway — and I don’t think it’s a be strong thing I think it’s an I don’t want to thing… But I can’t remember. Honestly. Do you remember if I talked to you? 


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