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brian’s on tour, but he phoned.

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What a sweetie. Brian phoned me on my way to work this morning, which for him is around 6:15 a.m. I was doing the whole stupid starting to miss talking to him thing (I know, I’m surprised too, I don’t usually miss people at all). He’s been super busy and now the choir he’s involved with is touring — Vegas tonight. So it will be a few days of not hearing from him. 😦

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i finally ate out at a restaurant!

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I met up with a friend of mine for dinner and I could actually eat! There were 3 whole things at the sushi restaurant without wheat, sugar, or dairy. I had yellow tail and red snapper and edamame. Fantastic!!! The waitress was so nice about it too — after I assured her that I wouldn’t die on the spot if she messed up, it would just set me back. It’s such a relief…you don’t realize how many social activities revolve around food. For example, we had a meeting downtown today and one of my co-workers wanted to go grab lunch and I couldn’t. Or people “go for coffee” or “go for drinks” all the time. I mean I can “go for tea” or a gin and perrier but that’s about it!

(PS — gin and perrier is the only thing I’ve found that I can drink with these restrictions…let me know if there’s anything else…I think some sake applies, but I’m never quite sure what’s in there…)

Such a lovely evening. I realized that I do talk about this food stuff WAY too much, but it’s such a huge part of my life that I can’t get away from discussing it. I mean it could even be more consuming if I didn’t have other things to get on with (Thank God for being super-over-crazy-busy!).

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