i often wonder

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I often wonder how I pulled off 2 degrees without really studying. Something I’m not very good at (as you can see as I’m supposed to be doing it right now) and don’t put too much time into.

The last 2 stats exams I made great cheat sheets for, but then didn’t actually use any of the formulas until the moment of needing them in the test. Could be why I only got 70s, but I likely wouldn’t have done any better if I’d studied. Now, with the 50% final looming, I know I should be really paying attention and studying a lot, but I’ve almost finished the cheat sheet (mostly just the same ones I used for the last two tests, so no real work there), and now I’m bored.

I do, however need a 70% on this thing to keep a 70 in the course — 71 actually… so fingers crossed!

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fastest growing blog!

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I’m currently number 40 on the fastest growing blog list. I think that’s pretty cool! That means that traffic to my blog has increased quickly over the past 24 hours (updated every 6 hours).

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home and gone and back again soon

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Brian and I had a great time when he was home — we went to Green Papaya for dinner and then IKEA in the morning. I dropped him off at the airport and then was early for class, so I went shopping at The Eaton Centre. I went into H&M, where I never find ANYTHING, but I ended up buying a suit. Apparently I’m a size four (when did that happen!?!) which is a nice side-affect of this whole dyingness thing, and I feel better this week (the b12 shot heals my tongue — anyone out there who can tell me why?). Anyway, I’ve never owned a suit in my entire life, but it fits like a glove and It’s pretty damn hot if I do say so myself. Now, I just need somewhere to wear it.

Then I went to class and got my test back — the one I didn’t think I did so hot on because I failed the last 2 assignments, but I pulled something out of thin air and managed to get a 70%!! (I mark better than the 1st test, which for stats is pretty damn good in my books).

Now it’s all about the 50% final on Tuesday… fingers crossed…

Brian’s going to be back in 9 days!! I really can’t believe that it’s already here!

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no one seems to be having a good day lately

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Yesterday I had one of those frustrating, stuck in traffic, try to do my homework and the power goes out so I have to try to do it in the dark, still don’t have time or energy to unpack kind of days.

Today was no different, only I was more tired. Exhausted really and my eyes were burning and my tongue is disgusting. I showed a friend today and she said that she’d never seen anything like it before — and I said “no, neither have the doctors” (enter sarcasm here).

I got my assigment back in class and am no longer brilliant. I didn’t know what I was doing, and only got 50% — haven’t had one of those in ages, but somehow they only come out when math is involved.

I also tried to buy an Airport Card for my mac because now that we’re at the new house we were supposed to be saying goodbye to evil dial up. Well, the G4 iMac only supports the original Airport Card as far as I can tell (not Extreme or Express) and there are some Mac/PC USB drives I could get, but I’m hesitant because they will take up a port….anyway, the Mac guy was helpful at the store and he told me to look on eBay, and so I found one there….though I haven’t bid and I’m not sure that I will. Do you have any suggestions? Any products that you find work well? It’s just an extra frustration that I really don’t need. And I should be doing homework and studying for the test that’s on Thursday — the one that is based on the 50% assignment, but I was just too flustered and my head hurts and I just wanted to not have to use my brain for a little while so instead you get to “listen” to my complaining.

Oh, and since they changed my certificate requirements at Ryerson, I had a look at the changes today — and, though they claim that I can continue with the original program, they eliminated a course from existance…so now I have to find out what to replace it with.

On the bright side, the pain my side wasn’t there today… perhaps it moved to my tongue? Oh, and I just realized that I didn’t make lunch for tomorrow yet. Damn. You know those days when all you want to do is come home and have no one to answer to — just go to your room and do what you’d like…well, today is one of them. I apologize for the incoherent rambling and I’m sure that you really don’t care, but I feel better, so thanks!!

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the brilliance did continue…kind of

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Well, I got back an 87.5 % on my second stats assignment, which made me feel smart. Then I got back a 70 on my test — actually 2 marks shy of that (which he failed to add but I got back at the break). Not too bad considering I ran out of time.

The annoying thing is that I KNEW the answers to the question that I was half way through, so the mark isn’t a reflection of my knowledge, it’s a reflection of how I took the test. Fair enough. I just hate when people get all wrapped up in the mark — it’s so arbitrary. It depends on far too many factors to be a true reflection of what you know or what you are capable of. Especially in your undergrad — be sure to care mostly about what you’ve learned or have gotten from a course intellecutally, the marks are fictitious and will fade away with time.

I am still quite proud of myself for these marks though — only a few weeks left of the course — assignment 3 is due tonight then 1 more assignment and 2 more tests to go.

Then 6 more courses to go. Part-time study seems to take SO much longer!

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significant leap in stats

Posted on July 20, 2006. Filed under: Stats |

I promised myself I wouldn’t mention the stats of the blog too much from now on, unless they were significant leaps — and I have one to report. Yesterday there were 184 views — the highest yet in one day! Apparently all you have to do is write a little note about something being broken on MSN and you get the gold.

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rogue tumbleweed pylon

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I got out of class 15 minutes early yesterday and my first thought was “extra time, extra time, go, go, go”. I have a tendency to over-committ and I don’t like to let those people to whom I have committed down. On Friday last week I had emails from the 4 organizations I volunteer with stating impending meetings and work to be done. The person I freelance for sent another chapter, and I had an assignment for stats class (which I still have to go to twice a week until August 8th) looming and yoga classes that are supposed to reduce stress, right? I suppose they do, as long as you can find the time to fit them in. Oh, and I’m moving — right and there’s this matter of a full-time job, and continuous dyingness (though better, not fully resolved) that tends to mean I’m crazy to take on this much. But I always have, and everything always gets done. And I enjoy being the busy person. It makes me feel important. I just have to move closer to the events taking place or not sign up for any more.

In my haste, I was booting it up the Gardiner to the 427 when I caught glimpse of a rogue tumbleweed pylon rolling into my lane at record speed (for a pylon). Not a big one — bright and orange and maybe a promotional 10 inch plastic contraption.

I glimpse in my mirrors.

Can’t stop.

Must go over pylon.



I look behind me again and don’t see the plyon anywhere, but I continue to drive.

I casually wonder “where is the pylon”?

Going over bumps in the road my car sounds extra squishy from below. I turn off the audio book and try to determine if the squishiness is indeed plastic.

I can’t stop anywhere on the highway and so continue.

Then I smell burning rubber.

The pylon is, most definitely, under the car.

I pull off at Dundas and park in the Zellers lot. I get under the car and realize I can’t reach the said pylon that is now twisted around my front axle and has been dragging at 100 km an hour for at least 10 minutes. I have to move the car further into the lot to access the other side. The umbrella reaching isn’t doing much.

I get down on the ground. Flat. And reach. And pull.

And nothing happens.

My logic is spinning. What the hell does one do when a pylon is stuck under one’s car? I don’t know. And so I stand up, paced with momentary panic, and then get back down on the ground, determined that this thing will shake loose.

It doesn’t for some time, and then, with one last pull of strength, it comes loose. The now split, half charred and melted pylon appears to have done no lasting damage and I abandon it in the parking lot.

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drum roll please

Posted on July 15, 2006. Filed under: Stats |

I’m impressed. A new record. 148 hits in a day — which, for me is fantastic! Thanks everyone — you know how happy this always makes me 🙂

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ah-ha! i remembered

Posted on July 12, 2006. Filed under: School, Stats |

Since I know you must have been hanging in suspense, wanting and waiting to see if I remembered the last question — it finally came to me, and I feel better about my mark. Knowing that I must have got at least perfect on 60% of the exam with a potential to have at least half of the remaining 40% right — potentially… Phew. Relief.

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will the brilliance continue?

Posted on July 12, 2006. Filed under: School, Stats |

After feeling so very brilliant upon getting word of my good grade in stats, I hope my brilliance has continued through to the first test that we had tonight.

I was so proud of myself for definitely nailing the correlation co-efficient because the formula is damn hard — AND I had forgot to add it to my crib sheet, but realized JUST before going to class. I raced to the library and downloaded the course notes just in time to jot down the necessary characters in an order. I was also proud because I hadn’t actually done any of the question types in practice before, just in theory and in lectures. There were 2 that could go either way…unfortunately 1 of those was worth 24 marks — though I feel that there were more than 100 marks to get, so this could work out in my favour. The other question that I left to the end was on probability and I managed to get answers for all of the parts. Whether or not they were the correct answers remains to be seen.

I still can’t (and couldn’t right after the exam) remember what all 7 questions were — there was one on data types, one on frequency distribution, one on central tendency, one on probability, one on weighted data, one on the correlation coefficient…and one more. I can’t for the life of me remember that last one — so I hope I answered it.

All in all, I’m pretty proud of myself and should wind up with at least a 70%. Half way through the semester now and my new life goal of being in the world of stats. Haha.

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