coach house books launch

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In the midst of my week of books via sales conference, I managed to find a bit of energy to head back out to the Coach House Books launch. I met my friend Tom first at The Communist’s Daughter (very cute, cozy little bar) and then we strolled over to the launch at Revival. I had a fantastic time introducing friends from all of my different lives (SFU friends, Queen’s friends, publishing friends) and making connections. I have to admit that is my most favourite thing to do – becoming a social connector even for a brief moment. Especially when the levels of connections seem to be improbable and completely coincidental. The last time I remember feeling this way was when I had brought friends to a Craig Cardiff show in Vancouver. I had a fantastic time.

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breast cancer charity turned down $6000 in Vancouver

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Have a look at what happened in Vancouver and let me know if you agree with the decision of the charity or if you would side with them? And why?

I for one, would have accepted the money and think it was a very innovative way to raise a lot of cash in a short amount of time. Quite altruistic actually.

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sorry to everyone today

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Ever get into one of those moods where pretty much anything and everything annoys the hell out of you?

Well, my apologies to all…my only possible excuse would be PMS.

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church signs

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I saw a “funny-ha-ha” church sign on my way home tonight. It actually made my eyes roll. It read:

“Under the same management for almost 2000 years.”

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how did i not hear about the village near stonehenge?

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Apparently this discovery is old news, but I just read about it today. And it’s pretty cool that they’ve found remains of an actual village that can date back to 2500 BC in England — and that it looks to be in a very well preserved state.

Have you been to Stonehenge? I made it there last summer, and it was really neat to be standing in the same place as so, so many people had before. Though I have no theories on what it was used for, it is fun to let your imagination try out different scenarios. I guess now it is whatever you believe it to be — do you have any ideas? Any stories you can create based on this place?

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as if… clearly i should not be driving

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As if tumbleweed pylons, flying fire and ice weren’t enough, now you get to add my own quasi-stupidity to the mix.

Again in the Gardiner tonight, as it had just finished snowing, I realize that the light indicating that the windshield washer fluid is out is finally starting to mean something as I keep squirting and it keeps pumping out less and less liquid.


I have never had such a burning in the pit of my stomach panic feeling as I did when I realized I could no longer see out of the windshield and, crap, I was merging onto the 427.

Super-alert, adrennaline pumping, I stay in the right hand lane, and get off at Dundas — coincidentally the exact place I had to get off to remove said pylon from axle and luckily there is a Petro Can right there.

I purchase (on MasterCard because of course I have no cash — just 15 pounds Sterling in my wallet from my trip way back in September) the $4.59 bottle of windshield washer fluid, pop open the hood and pour in my lifeline to safety.

I swear that I should just give up driving Westbound on the Gardiner. Maybe I should always find a circuitous route to avoid it at all costs. Nothing seems to happen to me on the parallel Lakeshore Blvd. come to think of it… Hmmm…

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Posted on January 22, 2007. Filed under: randomness |

Someone over on the CCSP’s thinkubator just posted a link to Gahooyoogle.

You can type in a keyword search and it will compare google and yahoo’s results side by side. An interesting look at Search Engines and how you might be able to optimize them to your advantage.

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the highway is out to get me — first pylons, then fire, now ice…

Posted on January 18, 2007. Filed under: randomness |

There is a stretch of the Gardiner Expressway that is out to get me.

I swear.

I drive on this stretch at least once a week, oftentimes more than that and I think I should take the hint and find some other way to get downtown (if only!).

First… there was the rouge tumbleweed pylon that jumped into my path a while ago (making for a funny story at least). THEN, last week, a ball of fire literally fell off or out of the car in front of me.

This was me:

Um…there’s a ball of fire on the road in front of me.
What does one do in this situation?
If I run over it, will my car explode?
No really…I know have an oil leak…does that matter. Or will it ignite the gas tank in some way?
I don’t really want to find out.
Quickly look to see if I can change lanes.
I think I can.
Let’s do that.

I avoided the ball of fire — it was about the diameter of a size three soccer ball.

With the crisis averted, I began to wonder where the hell the fireball came from.

Further on there was a car off to the side of the road with another, smaller fireball behind it…I guess they were the culprit.

So, I guess I didn’t find out the hard way if my car would explode.

THEN tonight…along the same bit of road…

I was happily bopping along and a car comes booting up behind me and passes me (likely a civic. Civics always seem to be passing people. I believe its a rule in the owner’s manual).

As the car passed me it hit a bump and a huge chunk of ice came hurling through the air and hit the front of my car. Luckily it wasn’t the windshield.

So — the Gardiner and I have beent through a lot recently. All with things that shouldn’t be (but are) flying through the air and are seemingly magnetically attracted to hurting my car.

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little mosque on the prairie

Posted on January 10, 2007. Filed under: Politics, randomness, religion, TV |

I just watched the new CBC show, Little Mosque on the Prairie and I must say that I enjoyed the show overall. It was quite funny in parts and I loved the sarcasm (definitely my kind of humour).

The only downsides are:
1) they are advertising it so freakin’ much on CBC that it made me feel like I had seen the entire show before it aired AND nearly turned me off watching it and
2) the premiere night is not the regular night (it will be on Wednesdays, not Tuesdays) and I have class on Wednesdays. Damn. So that will be the last episode I get to see. Another check in the list of reasons why I should drop that course for this semester…okay, maybe not. BUT you should definitely tune in. Tonight’s show will be re-aired on CBC tomorrow and, if you’re in the western part of the country where 8:30 hasn’t rolled around yet…tune in and let me know what you think!

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holiday jam

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Brian got tickets for the Holiday Jam that he went to last year as a spur of the moment plan. We went last night and it was a really good show. Sarah Harmer, who I’ve seen a few times this year (and oh so many times in Kingston when she was based from the area and would just show up for things like appearing in a quartet for The Vagina Monologues). It’s always a great show, though she played drums, which was the first time I had seen that occurance — and it was pretty cool.

Spencer Evans, who used to play at The Grad Club at Queen’s every Thursday (a gig which he said last night ended a few years ago; likely the last year that I could go was his last as well which is kind of nostalgic) was also there. The first time I ever saw him was when I went up to Queen’s with my family to check out the scene. He was singing in a band on the 1000 Islands Cruise. I, of course, didn’t know who he was at this time, but he was very entertaining. Then fourth year came, and with it, The Grad Club. I went every Thursday night to see Spencer play. He did an all request night and it was awesome! My favourite bit was when he played Minnie the Moocher (singing and clarinet) and walked across all of the tables. Those nights were some of my favourites at Queen’s because I could just go there on my own and would either run into people, or just enjoy being there for that time of my life in that moment. It was fantastic.

Some nights my friend Joan would sing with him — and she has a kick-ass voice, so it was always a treat. I have a picture of the two of them somewhere. I chatted with Spencer for a moment, and found out that he still plays at The Toucan on Monday nights. Not that I’ll be in Kingston on a Monday very often, but you should definitely drop by and check him out if you have a chance. He was also on The Escarpment Tour with Sarah.

Sam Roberts played — and it was my first time seeing him. The last song he did was with 7 other male vocalists and it was really cool. I wish I knew what song it was because I’d like to have it for Christmas.

Then out came The Hip. Yet another Kingston connection. My housemate taught one of their kids skating lessons (he lived around the corner from us). I went to highschool (not in Kingston) with Gord Downie’s cousin, so all we heard about was The Hip. Then, once you committ to Queen’s you have no choice but to start listening to the band. And you love it! I’ve now seen them 4 times and each are quite unique circumstances. The first was in second year at the ACC — it was one of my first dates with Cameron.

The second time was in Kingston (where they never play) at a fundraiser on RMC grounds. I remember thinking “only in Canda would you have a big concert in the open on something that is supposed to be secure and military”. The best moment was, after watching the bands play from about 30 feet away, walking back over the Causway into downtown Kingston with tens of thousands of people. It was a neat scene.

The third was with another ex for New Year’s (in Hamilton). I remember being way more excited when I found out that The Weakerthans were opening (who I had only seen one other time, in Vancouver) than to see the main attraction, but The Hip put on a really good show.

Then there was last night. With Brian and his friends. And it was a good set, especially when the band started playing a song in the wrong key then stopped and had to restart.

This post doesn’t make much sense, but I think the main jist of it was that I feel very connected to these artists in particular because of their connection to Kingston and to many big events in my life. They are constant and their CDs have been the soundtrack of many a summer day sitting on my front porch in K-town to break-ups to first dates to just about everything. To see them all play together in one event had a lot of meaning.

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