the dyingness: phase two? And a call out for diagnostic help!

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As many of you know, I haven’t had much luck with doctors. My favourite post on this is here (and it leads you to all of the other ridiculous experiences with them all). My family doctor, I’m sorry to say, first became my doctor (mine having retired and me being away at school) at the beginning of they dyingness. Having not known me beforehand, I can understand that he might think me a little unbalanced, but it’s unnerving to hear time and time again in the tone of his voice that he thinks I’m crazy and must just want attention or something. I can attest to the fact that this is wholly untrue and extremely frustrated. And what happens when I’m frustrated? Well, I cry. And so that’s what I did about two sentences into my appointment with him — which I’m sure doesn’t help my cause.

As of late, I have been experiencing wicked headaches (as in the worst I have ever had in my life and much more frequently), which I believe have been in association to periods — but more headaches in between as well. And bumps on my temples — plus my eyes have been doing weird things. SO, me being all logical, think that perhaps these three things are linked. And, perhaps they might also all be linked to taking the birth control pill. And so, as any logical (and not crazy person) might do, I look at that pamphlet that comes with pills — the one that you read once when you first start taking them and then never look at again. And I have all of the symptoms under the heading that reads “contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following”. They include abdominal pain, painful breathing and chest pain, sudden vision loss, etc. Lots of scary things having to do with blood clots. And so a bell goes off in my head that perhaps (since candida is also linked to taking the pill) that perhaps if I stop taking it my situation might improve? So I wanted to ask my doctor if this was the case — would stopping the pill reverse any side effects? Or would I be stuck with any damage — would it be irreparable? And I didn’t get an answer. Does anyone out there know?

The other annoying thing is that after months of having bumps on my temples, they had gone down, of course, for the appointment. And now, three days later there’s a huge one back again. Damn it. It’s as if my body wants to make him believe that I’m crazy.

The other thing is that every symptom I have appears to not be typical to what happens in people — which throws me off because it is exactly what is happening. You’d think if I were making it up, I’d at least look up how it happens.

Anyway — he AGAIN thinks that anything I say to him — any symptom I come to him with is because I am depressed or stressed. He always asks how I’m feeling on a scale of 1-10. Next time I’ll have to tell him flat out that I’m certainly not depressed or stressed enough to have symptoms appear. And that I would never consider taking a drug for depression so he might as well get that whole thing out of his head.

Now I am going to see an ophthalmologist about my eyes — someone I should see anyway because I have such poor vision (-12). Who knows, perhaps he or she can fix my eyes with a lazer?

So — anyone have any idea as to if this is related to the dyingness? To the pill? Any diagnoses flying around out there?

He did mention that it could be neurological — which I have always kind of thought of — especially now that there are headaches. But, in the meantime, I’m going to focus on not getting pregnant while off the pill, which shouldn’t be too difficult, and on restoring my vision. Any natural remedies out there for this? Eye strengtheners? Help!

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8 Responses to “the dyingness: phase two? And a call out for diagnostic help!”

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I have been following your blog off and on for awhile now. I enjoy reading it because I seem to have many of the same symptoms and have had NO luck finding a doctor to help me. Like you, they all want me to go on antidepressants to fix everything. I too have refused and had pretty much given up on living like a “normal person”, even though I’m only 27! However, I have since moved to Australia from Canada (I’m orignally from Nova Scotia) and feel as though I am FINALLY getting real help. I started seeing a Naturopath who specializes in nutritional medicine and actually does food sensitivity testing through blood work. I found out that I am very sensitive to dairy, wheat and moderately sensitive to soy and nuts. Since I have stopped eating these foods, my digestion has really improved (it was VERY bad) and I am taking supplements that actually work and are helping to heal my digestion. The brand is Thorne (not sure if it’s available in Canada) but they are GREAT! For the first time in years, my blood levels, including iron and calcium are improving to normal. Even my super low platelets have improved. Although, it may also be that my digestion is slowly improving and the supplements are being absorbed properly. My energy has also been improving. I have always been tired.
I am also seeing a Chinese Herbalist who prescribes Chinese herbs based on my cycle, your tongue and your pulse and does regular acupuncture. This has REALLY helped my headaches, which were daily and quite bad. I personally went off of the pill, mostly because I was such a mess I figured that was the last thing my body needed. Then when I started seeing the Chinese herbalist and naturopath here, they said that no one should be on the pill and that many women have serious side effects of being on it without even knowing. Hormones play such an important part in our bodies, that any pill that alters that can’t be a good thing! Anyway, I have been very impressed with the practitioners here in Australia. They believe that Candida and IBS are just umbrellas and that each person has their own unique diagnosis. I am now working at the Holistic Medicine Centre where I go as a patient and see MANY people with symptoms similar to ours, benefiting from the natural treatment. Maybe with some luck, there would be a good Chinese herbalist in your city? It might be worth a try. Hope this helps! I know how discouraging it can be…especially when you see one doctor after another, all telling you that you’re crazy!

sick of your candida diet? check out…

Ive recently met a girl who has been on the
candida diet for a while and its having no
effect and so her doc is testing her for
endometriosis – you been down that path??
Any by the way – I would get off the pill ASAP,
its totally bad for you!

I see we have similar bad experiences with doctors. Read my post i wrote today about modern day docs. Anyhow nice info,those pancakes sound good.

A Candida Diet oriented restaurant would be a GREAT ideao

What is the status of your health now? Have you found any relief? Personally, after many years of frustration with Western doctors, I gave in and went to see a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist. This is totally against my nature, but I was very desperate. I have been seeing the needle-poked almost 2 months now, and I have seen *major* progress.

Take care. Hope you get well. It’s not all in your head.


I have had Candida for 2 years due to massive AB taken for Lyme disease. The best thing anyone can do is regularly rinse your mouth with Clorox diluted in water. All the advice and attention is to the gut…that is all fine but if your mouth is full of Candida you reinfect EVERY TIME YOU SWALLOW!!

Hello, I have just explored th is blog site and thought I could add some stuff… I have had candida issues on and off for about 20 years (I am now 39). It seems some people can get trid of it permanently but maybe most people will be prone to it once they have had it, like a week spot. There is a ton of advice and remedies out there some good and some not. The biggest thing I have learned is that freaking out over the strict diet creates huge anxiety and that weakens the immune system and then you are more likely to have more candida… A nice vicious circle. Finding balance is what works best for me and accepting my sensitive body. If I go to strict on the diet I freak out, get stressed and life sucks, I cant go out with friends easily and eventually I crash. I just do the best I can generally(like focus on vegetabels, fresh food and not much fruit or sweets) and when I have a flare up I get a little stricter. I also found the most help from Naturopaths or alternative medicine (some NAET providers can help treat candida also, its an allergy neurological approach0. MOst western doctors will prescribe more medication 9if they believe you) and if you have candida it is highly likely you have a sensitivwe body at this point so reactions to medications is a likely outcome. Anyways find balance, find a care provider you can trust, do your best to be healthy and love your body anyways.
Things that have helped me the most
Iyengar yoga (cause they use yoga more as a medical support or health support…)
Pau D Arco Tea
Stevia and Xylitol (who knows what is best…)
French mEadow Bakery bread (yeast free)
Making my own food in bulk and putting some in the freezer)
Exercise and relaxation (keep the overall body healthy and it less likely to have candida)
Spanish Black Radish
Herbal supplements and remedies from an herbal doctor of some kind (naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractic..)
Having a friend or two who has a similar problem and can understand
being creative
Realizing most food in our society is not really nutritional anymnore (like all the packaged stuff and snacks..) so its not just about a healthy diet for candida only its about a healthy diet and lifestyle change for your whole body.

hope this wasnt too long.

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