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kleinberg, nyc and kingston oh my

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It’s funny but August seems to be my traditional month of busy-ness. Last year was exciting because Brian moved home and we had a jam-packed week with a wedding, opera, and then I went to England for two weeks.

This week was so fun and crazy busy! I took Monday off and Brian and I went to Kleinberg for the day. I used to go there as a kid with my mom and grandma. We would get all dressed up and have a lovely day out for lunch, tea and shopping. It was always such a special place for us to spend time together and I loved how the village looked. I would always get a little treat from one of the stores. My grandma loved the McMichael Art Gallery and we always ate at The Doctor’s House. From when I was about four, I always wanted to get married in the church that was right beside the restaurant.

So I wanted to take Brian to this place that was important to me and we had a great time. We got tea and coffee and walked through the village to the gallery. We looked at the beautiful artwork and bought some prints. Then went to a fantastic pub for a late lunch (I had the best mussels I’ve had in Ontario!). It was simply a lovely, perfect day.

Then I went to NYC for the first time. It was my first business trip ever and I was so excited. I flew into the city early in the morning and went directly to our offices. I loved them! And I loved everyone there — I felt immediately comfortable in the city and with everyone I met. When I had a free bit of time I wandered up to Times Square and then went out for dinner. After dinner I crashed, then got up early and walked down Fifth Avenue and to Central Park. I loved it! Every bit of it! Then I headed out to Bloomingdales and felt poor, so I went across the street to urban outfitters and bought a couple of things (because you can’t not buy something on your first trip to New York). I got to the airport really early and asked to fly standby. Which turned out to be a fantastic decision because they had overbooked flights and there was weather causing a back up. I learned one important thing — standby isn’t all about first come first serve, it’s about how many points you have on your aeroplan card and how much your ticket was. Luckily I got on a flight ahead of when mine was supposed to leave which actually left after mine was supposed to — so who knows when mine finally did. Anyway, it was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to go back.

Then I got home and after a quick nights sleep went to Kevin’s soccer game and then headed up to Kingston to meet Brian who was heading down from Ottawa. We went to his friends wedding and it was a lovely day. Ironically the wedding we went to last year was on the same date and that couple was there, spending their anniversary at another wedding. Kind of romantic. It was the first wedding ever that I didn’t get teary eyed at though. I wonder if I will ever walk down the aisle — until this past year I would have said never in a million years, but now I’m liking the idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near angling for a ring, but should the situation arise, I would contemplate accepting a proposal from the right person.

And now I’m back home and ready to head out for sales conference — I’m completely exhausted and love the whirlwind life. The other best part is that I didn’t get a B12 shot last week and I’m not feeling the affects despite the insanity of the week and the consistent lack of sleep. Here’s hoping that I can reduce the frequency of shots.

And the rambling concludes here.

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