saving the world? and reducing my costs?

Posted on July 10, 2007. Filed under: Climate Change, Condo Things, Environment |

I haven’t put my air conditioner on yet this summer. So far it hasn’t been too bad – the highest it’s gotten to inside has been 28 C and to me, that’s not bad.

At first I thought, in my enhanced environmental awareness, that I would just not turn it on to try to save the energy with all of this climate change speak that’s floating around these days. And sure, that feels great — especially when it angers me that other people in my condo have their units running 24/7 which, for 500 square feet surely isn’t necessary.

But, in reality, I absolutely cannot afford to turn it on. People may claim that it’s worth it or that it’s not really that expensive, but if something is currently more expensive than zero dollars, I can’t afford it.

This often makes me think about waste. I hate waste and wasteful people. I cannot fathom wasting money, time, energy, anything really. It’s not in me to live beyond my means or to purchase somethign just because I feel like it then toss it out in a couple of weeks. It frustrates me that so many people seem to be heading this way — even watching those TV shows where a consultant comes and helps you get out of debt drive me crazy because the people seem so absolutely clueless, stressed, and selfish.

So, my mission for the summer is to see if I can get through without the air conditioner at all. And, secondarily, to see if I can find a way to raise more funds — things are just far too ridiculously tight (and trust me, if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m not a frivilous person — everything possible — eating out, travelling, new clothes, etc.) has been cut out of the budget. But I would like to have heat in the winter. That is non negociable 🙂


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