of course, the little one has an eating disorder

Posted on July 2, 2007. Filed under: fish |

So I brought home my fish yesterday and got him settled (his name is Little One). And he was great except he wouldn’t eat. I thought he was just in trauma from the move, so I tried again today and he would put the food in his mouth and then immediately spit it out. Over and over again.

Brian pointed out that of course MY fish would have an allergic reaction to food or an eating disorder — not that candida is an eating disorder, but he was making fun of Little One and me regardless. Which, I admit, is rather funny (especially since Betta fish typically don’t know when to stop eating and will eat themselves to death!). Out of all of the fish I could pick, I had to pick one that doesn’t want food or perhaps the food doesn’t agree with him.

Luckily, after a quick search online, I found that this is a common problem with a variety of solutions. The best resource I found was on this wiki.

Here’s hoping he’ll just be super hungry tomorrow.

And you know, I’ve been way happier the last few weeks and I really, honestly think it has to do with having a fish around. It’s the only thing that depends on me entirely and between Tuffy and Little One they both have so much personality (I swear the do — even though they are just fish) that you can’t help but become attached and responsible for their personal well-being. I should have got one of these guys years ago! I could have avoided a lot of boredom.

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