the battle against candida continues

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You may recall that I had a complete relapse of the dyingness a few weeks ago. I saw my naturopath and osteopath directly thereafter and have some new things to try. A while ago I thought that Ribes Nigrum was the ultimate wonder drug, but that ended up aggravating my candida in the end and I had to give it up, despite the energy boost. So now I’m trying something called oatstraw with borage a. I boil water and pour it over a half a tbsp to boil away the alcohol (which may have been what was upsetting me before). So far I have had a boost of energy from the adrenal support, but can definitely tell that it’s the potion that’s keeping me up and not my own body or fruition. I also have something called Unda — three bottles a 2, 10 and 245. This is to do a cleanse. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think I can actually feel the toxins now as they come into my body during the day. That’s how sensitive this thing has made me.

But, all in all, I’m feeling way better this year over last and so, I hope that next year I will be even better. It has now been 19 months of the candida diet (no gluten, sugar, dairy, mushrooms, anything acidic, or corn to be specific) and I’m used to it but I don’t think I can do much more than I have in this past year to recover (with all of the anti-fungals and osteopathy) so I assume that only time will work now. I also think that this summer, given that I haven’t committed myself to any classes or any projects, I may be bored out of my mind, but it may be the reduced “stress” that I need to start to feel wholly better. Sound like a plan?

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14 Responses to “the battle against candida continues”

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Did you ever think you would know SO much about food as you do now? I sort of had that revelation after joining SparkPeople where you’re really keeping track of what you eat and how it’s making you feel.

I’m glad you’re feeling better this year. 🙂

Definitely not! I used to eat whatever was around…which is likely what got me into this predicament in the first place. I find it interesting to record what you eat for a week or so. Sometimes, when I had to do this way back when I first started my treatment, I would realize things like “oh, I’ve only eaten grain today” no protein, no veggies or fruits. It forces you to pay attention to what you’re doing to your body.

So when the Naturopath told me I needed to do this cleanse with all the liquids and pills for 3 weeks it’s not actually 3 weeks? It’s longer???????She said depending on how I’m feeling after 3 weeks I’ll be introducing some food not restricted on the ‘very’ restricted diet i’ll start Monday for the 3 weeks. Oh boy.. this is going to be hard.

If you have candida, then you will be on a restricted diet for at least a year, but after three weeks you will likely be reintroducing a little bit of fruit (like 1 or 2 pieces a day) or something like that. You will definitely not be reintroducing everything at that point. Even though everyone is different, you will not be rid of this thing in three months. And don’t feel bad in the first few weeks if you accidentally mess up. I just discovered something that was sill making me feel bad about a month ago — I could have goat cheese, so I was having all goat cheese, but I realized that I couldn’t have the cheese like mozzarella (too moldy) just the soft ones like feta and I feel even better all over again. You’ll be tweaking a lot for the first six months for sure. Good luck!

I was tested for sensitivities to anti-fungals an
and probiotics by a naturopath. Although my
body responded well (low sensitivity) to several-
anti-fungals, only one could significantly re-
duce the candida (also a test they can perform).
I could have been taking the other treatments
for years and nothing positive would have
happened. I hope that others will do these
screening tests – I feel it is a significant
piece of the puzzle.

I wanted to add a few notes to my previous post,
first I was tested for sensitivities to 26 common
anti-fungals – only 5 did not put additional stress on my body. My candida score was 84 (High) and I need to
get it down to 45-44 (normal). Aerobic Oxygen –
1 of the 5 ‘safe’ remedies for me would only
balance the candida to 79 (nothing really), Colloidal Silver
would balance it to 62, but the best for me personally,
was Olive Leaf Extract, which would bring the balance
back to 52. When I took the test I happened to have
a raging infection – one week later – with this
customized treatment, the infection is gone. Please
don’t play a guessing game and possible cause your
body more stress than good. Get a Candida Screening

Correction 45-55 is normal.

One more addendum – I also tested my body’s reaction
to the possible choices of Probiotics to find the
right one for me. I did not change my diet.

Was it koru testing that you had? That’s what I had and it also tested the levels, as you say, of anti-fungals, candida, food, etc. It sounds like that’s what you had done too as the ranges are the same as my testing. My candida was at 79, but I still had to change my diet AND take the probiotics and anti-fungals, so perhaps yours hadn’t been around for as long, but I doubt that most people would be able to just do the test and take one anti-fungal to get better. Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very interesting!

Glad to hear you took the tests – my fear was that
some people would just start taking any anti-fungal,
any probiotic and possible get nowhere very slowly.

JoJo — oh definitely. I completely agree that you shouldn’t just start self-treating with those things. When I started, most of the anti-fungals were too strong for me according to the test. We took the one that would bother me least to start and it still was a bit disruptive. But in time, all of the reds on the test turned to greens and we alternated and battled away.

Candida can be a very irritating yeast infection. A person who has developed this infection suffers from itchiness and burning. If you are infected by Candida, you will require the proper treatment. Otherwise this infection can not be controlled and may spread to other parts of the body. Candida usually develops in the moist and damp parts of your body like vagina and around the douches. It is a fungal infection and depending on your conditions it may take a few months for it to fully clear up. One of the best ways of preventing Candida is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. However, it is a chronic infection that can reemerge frequently. Therefore, we have provided some advices that may prove helpful in preventing its onset.

If you have suffered from Candida before, it may reappear, as it is a chronic infection. We suggest that you avoid wearing very tight nylon clothes or any other clothes that accumulate moisture. Tight fittings and nylon underpants create damp and warm environment that breeds Candida. Do not sit in your swimming suit for along time. Dry your body completely after taking a bath because moisture on your body can be harmful if you have developed Candida before.

If you are suffering from Candida, you should be more careful about your personal hygiene. Keep your body clean and dry. Do not use soaps that cause irritation. Try avoiding harsh shampoos. They may cause burning or pain in the effected body parts. It is recommended that you should not take unnecessary doses of antibiotics because they can affect the immune system of body and may create suitable environment for Candida infection.

Here are some of the more common symptoms of Candida and yeast.

– Itching
– Pain when urinating
– Leaky guy syndrome
– Rashes
– Fatigue
– Tiredness
– Arthritis
– Gas
– Food allergies
– Memory problems
– Joint pain
– Headaches
– Premature aging
– Irritability
– Itching
– Pain when urinating
– Leaky guy syndrome
– Rashes
– Fatigue
– Tiredness
– Arthritis
– Gas
– Food allergies
– Memory problems
– Joint pain
– Headaches
– Premature aging
– Irritability
– And more…

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