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Oh dear. I just did a pretty spreadsheet with my expenses for the month, given the new bills and payments I now have and, um, I’m actually negative technically in what I’ve spent compared to what I make for April. Thank God fro cash flow and for a bit of extra padding. As I’m already a ridiculously wise and non-frivilous spender, I can’t really find much to cut out of the spending. I guess I could always squeeze in a summer job. Is that allowed? No, really, I’m sure it will all be fine — I’m just a bit surprised. I can blame a bit of it on set up costs, but am going to have to be a bit more tight with my wallet…after the trip next month of course. And I haven’t even had a real mortgage payment come out of my account yet! Ha! Oh, and the bonus part — I just got an invoice from the condo company and the person who was here before left me with more debt than the company had disclosed. On my closing documents she owed $3.92 which was to be paid out. I assume that after the check was run on the condo, she cancelled her March cheque which resulted in an NSF fee and the full monthly cost. I moved in half way through the month, so I don’t know how that works, but I’m not paying the whole amount. And the condo fee that the corporation told me is actually $98.56 a month. I just wrote them cheques for $98.00 — so they’ll be short every month! Geez. I should write a year’s worth of cheques for .56 cents each and send them in. Ha! Well, I’m not stressed or worried about any of this. It will all work out and I’ll always be able to live within my means — I’ll just have to adjust things like, oh, my health. If I didn’t have all those extra expenses I would be able to do a lot more. But, I would feel like death. And, money is nothing if you feel like you’re dying..plus, if I don’t put out now, I’m sure it will cost me more in time and money and health in the end. Wow. That’s a ramble. All because of excel, some expenses and a negative number. I’m in the red…ish. Donations anyone? 🙂


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