facebook: worse than a yearbook

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After SO refusing so many requests over the past year (or longer) and deciding that I didn’t want yet another online thing to maintain, I was suddenly receiving so many requests for Facebook that I caved in and joined last week.

Well, it must have just hit Toronto or something because suddenly it’s the talk of the town — the bees knees if you will.

Everyone I speak with has JUST joined as well. Now, this is not a new technology, but perhaps the fact that we’re in Canada puts us behind the times, but Facebook has been on the tip of tongues at the last few parties I’ve been to and everyone seems to have just joined. So weird.

Now, we all know that I was slightly obsessed with LinkedIn and Facebook is essentially the “social” version of that “professional” networking tool. I’d bet that at 26 I’m in the upper age bracket of users, but there are just too many people I know on here. People from high school. Elementary school. Pre-school for goodness sakes. Lots of people I had long forgotten about and now, when I click on a name of a random old school mate, I find a pool of others and it’s really a trip down memory lane — complete with….”did I make out with him once…?….yes, yes I think I did…”

As I said. Worse than a yearbook.

I’m not sure why I understand the craze that is hitting T.O. with this currently, I’m sure it will pass and will eventually become long forgotten but, unlike a yearbook, it does let you peer into what people have become since school. Full with marriages, kids, and work — very quasi-stalkerish, but kind of nice to know without actually having to see or speak with those people from which you have carefully extradited yourself.

Are you on FaceBook? LinkedIn? MySpace? All of the above? Let’s take another poll…anyone?


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