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the quantification of me

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Whenever I start to feel like I’m not measuring up, or I’m not as far ahead in life as I thought I’d be, or people keep reminding me that I’m young (which almost always actually means they think I’ve done nothing and am incapable of doing anything well), I feel the need to quantify my life. It makes me feel better to see that I actually have accomplished quite a bit in my life. But instead of listing everything like a resume, I thought quantifying it would make me feel better, so here it goes:

I am currently 26 years old.

I started working (if you don’t count babysitting) when I was 15.

In those 11 years I have had 13 different jobs (all of which were at least a year in duration; often more) at 11 different companies.

I have completed 1 undergraduate degree and 1 masters degree. I am working on a post-grad certificate.

I have volunteered with 14 different organizations with long-term obligations.

I have had 10 poems published in 3 publications, and 1 short story in a 4th. I have written, and had published 4 articles for 2 newspapers, and 1 thesis in a real, live book anthology.

I completed through to grade 5 conservatory level piano in 4 years.

I have had 3 long-term boyfriends.

I have been to England 4 times, Europe once, and the US more times than I can count.

I have been to 8 countries, 6 of the 13 provinces and/or territories and 31 of the United States of America.

I have lived in 3 cities, but have moved bedrooms 8 times.

I have produced 2 plays.

I have read more books than I know.

Now that you have my metrics (am I missing any that you’d like to know?), I realize that the prediciment I’m in is that I know all of these things, and they don’t seem spectacular or like they even happened. They each seem like entirely different past lives; past versions of me that don’t seem to amount to much in the moment — in the now.

Sometimes I feel like this is it — that sure, I’ve done a lot, and that there’ll be not too much more to do (or at least not at the pace that I’ve maintained in the past) and sometimes I want more and sometimes I don’t.

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stupid ebay sucking

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I was all excited about my pretty new laptop bag that I had won on ebay…

I won it on January 30th.

It has not yet arrived.

I had a tracking number that was provided to me a week after the transaction was finalized, but the package was never actually given to UPS.

I finally heard back from the seller today and he claims it’s “difficult to send packages via UPS from the States to Canada” and that the UPS guy wouldn’t take it from him. (Why am I assuming it’s a him…hmmmm, I’m not sure…).

Anyway, he promised that he had taken it to the UPS store today and I asked if it was the same tracking number and he said yes.


Guess what? When I looked at the tracking number it still has no package being given to them. And so, this is not cool because all I want is to be able to take my cute little laptop places in a cute laptop bag. I’m not upset yet, just a bit annoyed, but I guess I’d be willing to forfiet the cash if it really came down to it. Definitely not worth the hassle, time and effort, just annoying and unfair, but such is life.

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breast cancer charity turned down $6000 in Vancouver

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Have a look at what happened in Vancouver and let me know if you agree with the decision of the charity or if you would side with them? And why?

I for one, would have accepted the money and think it was a very innovative way to raise a lot of cash in a short amount of time. Quite altruistic actually.

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sorry to everyone today

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Ever get into one of those moods where pretty much anything and everything annoys the hell out of you?

Well, my apologies to all…my only possible excuse would be PMS.

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