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Posted on February 11, 2007. Filed under: Candida, The Dyingness |

I have learned that women are more suseptible to candida then men, but that doesn’t mean that men don’t get it as well. I just had a look through all of the comments about candida that have been left on my blog and notice that most are, in fact, by women. So here is my poll question:

If you have candida, are you male or female?


If you don’t have candida, but someone you know does, are they male or female?


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8 Responses to “candida poll”

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Guess I should answer my own poll. I have candida and am female.

Def a female thing for the majority of cases. Trying to deal with it myself. I should check out your archives.

I have Candida, and I’m female. A good friend of mine, a guy, has it as well.


So, so far we have:

Females: 3
Males: 1

I don’t know if I have candida, but I’d like to find out. I’ve been suffering GI upset, pain, bloating, fatigue….the list goes on……for over 3 years. Everything I eat seems to bother me afterward. I don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding a good naturopath. Any suggestions for Vancouver, BC or around?

Oh, and Doth…..amazing job on the blog. Who know’s, after my appoitment, you may be hearing from me alot more.

Thanks :p

Hi Kelyn,

Thanks for stopping by. I have some posts with questions you should ask a naturopath posted. From their answers, you should be able to tell if they have a clue. I used to live in Vancouver, but that was when the dyingness of candida was just staring, so I didn’t have a naturopath there. But, being BC, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a qualified one. Ask around. You’ll find people you know who can recommend one. Just be sure they aren’t ridiculously priced (though initial visits are often more expensive as they are longer) and that they don’t charge you for things like when THEY call YOU. I know a few friends who are with naturopaths who do this and I think it’s ridiculous. If someone wants to check in with you and they are a doctor, they should be doing it because they genuinely care.

Anyway, enough of that rant. Please feel free to check back in and to ask me anything. I found it frustrating to not really know much about this and have tried to tell people as much as I possibly can.

Good luck and I hope you feel better!

And thanks 🙂


Me, me, me too!!! I definitely have candida and I’m female too.

Perhaps more women are aware and seek help because the ‘unpleasantness down below’ is the most obvious and distressing symptom. It’s often not until you seek help from a sympathetic doctor or therapist that you start to link all your other symptoms – in my case, chronic indigestion, acne, insomnia, other skin complaints, anxiety, sinusitus, hayfever and other allergies, asthma, lack of concentration, weight gain, etc, etc, etc. And from reading your blog I find that ringing in the ears might also be a symptom, and God – I had that for years too!

Keep up the good work!

So we’re at 4 women and 1 guy so far.

Looks like the girls are winning out.

Thanks for your comment Djinn. You’re probably right about why women notice it more than men. I had read a bit about men having candida, but I can’t recall if there are any noticable symptoms like, as you say the “unpleasantness down below” for guys. So I think you’re onto something here.

Thanks for your compliment 🙂 I hope you can check back in. And thanks for posting all those great looking recipes over on your site!

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