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the books you must have if you are combatting candida

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If you have candida you need to be sure you’re prepared to learn more about it and to combat it effectively. Some books that I’ve found particularly useful and helpful are:

Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, Revised 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Prevention, Treatment & Diet

and a very good cookbook and info source is:

Candida Control Cookbook

for more recipe options (trust me, you’ll need lots for diversity’s sake):

Overcoming Candida: The Ultimate Cookery Guide

and (even though it’s from the UK…)

Beat Candida Through Diet

a great book you can use and substitute ingredients if you can’t eat sugar or dairy is a gluten free cookbook. The one I find to be the most useful (and yummy!) is:

The 125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes

I found that these books were by far the most useful resources I had in combating candida. It’s a very aggressive yeast growth and valid information is hard to come by. Check these out and you’ll be amazed at how much they reveal and how useful it will be.

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can you always tell when you snap out of a phase?

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For the past few months I’ve been somewhat complaining about how infrequently Brian and I get to see one another. I mean, we usually see each other for about an hour one night a week and then for a day on the weekend, so technically it could be worse. But it just wasn’t feeling like much for a while there — not like we were a “real” couple doing real couply things together.

I then, finally, reasoned last week that if I couldn’t see him often now, I’d hopefully be able to see him a lot more one undetermined day in the future and then that would make right now better.

So we talked about it (again) the other night, and I suddenly realized something at his prompting — he argued that if we aren’t happy now and if we don’t fix this time thing now in some way then there may not be a later. I realized that I had assumed we couldn’t fix right now and so at least, if there was a change at some point then it would be okay. I realized that this was ridiculous and of course he was right AND that I had created some huge situation in my head for absolutely no reason.

Damn. And I had always said I would never be this girfriendy.

It feels as though something has completely disappeared and that I can return, for now at least, to my former normal independent self of getting together whenever and not into a girlfriendy freak!

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today would have been

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Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday, so I’m a little disheartened today…

I remember one of her birthdays, about 5 years ago…Brian and I went to New York to visit a friend of his and I completely forgot that it was her birthday, so I didn’t call. Wow, I was so upset that night in the sketchy microtel with mirrors all over the walls (yes, sketchy). I just cried and thought about how she would never have forgotten my birthday and that I was such a horrible grandchild, but she really didn’t mind.

Happy birthday!

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