ribes nigrum — the natural wonder drug?

Posted on February 2, 2007. Filed under: Candida, The Dyingness |

I saw the naturopath about a week ago and she offered me adrenal support in the form of ribes nigrum and let me tell you, I feel pretty much like my old (pre dyingness self) after only a tsp a day for the last week. I’m FINALLY alert. My brain feels like it’s actually connecting with my thoughts and body — and that it’s actually working to capacity again!! I feel like I can do more and take on more and not be exhausted.

Now, it has only been a week, but from doing a bit of research online just now, it looks like this is the natural wonderdrug good for everything from curing acne to supporting your immune system, to dealing with inflammation — ALL of the things that I need help with! I can’t believe it. If this keeps up, at this rate, I may feel completely normal again in no time. Well, if no time doesn’t include the 3 years of feeling like death and the over a year of trying to heal myself and not being able to eat anything other than candida-friendly food. Just LOOK at all of the different ailments this concoction is supposed to aid or cure. I even found mention that it is an anti-aging agent, so that’s a bonus (well, except for the part where they don’t know of any long-term ill effects….we’ll just ignore that part).

Have you been on this thing? If so, please let me know how it worked for you and what it cured or aided you with.

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75 Responses to “ribes nigrum — the natural wonder drug?”

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Adrenals eh….thats what the naturopath thinks might be my issue….I’m just at the early stages of sending that test to the states thou to see if it is true….I am going back to see the naturopath in a few weeks so i might be starting the support too. Glad to hear that something is finally working for you….hope it lasts and maybe I can finally find something to work for me :o)

Take Care….its great to hear your doing so good and that your even re-introducing some sweets in your life.

Really? That’s interesting that she thinks it could be part of what you need to work on too. Hmmm.. I didn’t have to do a test or send anything to the states…what kind of test? Let me know what kind of thing she puts you on. I’m on the most mild remedy because my body reacts to just about any slight change and she thinks it’s all I could likely handle.

I’m so glad you’re still working on finding a solution. Let me know if you need any help or support.

You take care too!

I have been recommended to try Ribes Nicrum by a friend who lives overseas and just happens to be a Herbalist whowever I have been unable to locate a UK supplier….can anyone help?

I have been recommended to try Ribes Nicrum by a friend who lives overseas and just happens to be a Herbalist however I have been unable to locate a UK supplier….can anyone help?

This is just Blackcurrant
Holland and Barratt do a Blackcurrant Seed Oil, so I shall be trying that first

Started this treatment 48hrs ago…HOLY COW..I am impressed. I think there is hope yet! Thank you Dr. Rootes.

You got it right. This stuff works amazingly fast on long standing adrenal fatigue/exhaustion.

What’s the dosage you tried. ? M – Noon – Evening?

were you having problems with off-balanceness and spaciness? Has the ribes nigrum helped this as well?

Ribes Nigrum has given me an unbelievable amount of energy!!!!! Before taking this natural remedy I was always exhausted and all I ever wanted to do was sleep. Now when I wake up in the morning and take 50 drops, I feel like a million dollars! Like today for instance, I’ve been up since 6:45am, it’s now 4:30pm and I still haven’t felt like I need a nap, or felt tired at all. I feel so amazing and it’s so wonderful to know that something natural has done so much for me. I hope it helps all of you as well. It’s a miracle!

I have been on RIBES for about a month and the anxiety I have been struggling with since the birth of my son is all but gone! I still have some issues with depression but it is helping with that as well!! I have had more good days than bad which was not the case before I started taking the RIBES!! So yeah, it really has made a difference!

I have been taking Ribis Nigrum for about 6 weeks now for adrenal support and I am pretty much back to my normal self as well. I no longer have the fatigue crashes that I was having up to 3 times per day, I am sleeping better, my eyes are no longer fatigued. This after about 4 years of struggling with fatigue and anxiety. Just prior to starting the Ribis Nigrum, I took Adreset (for 3 months) for adrenal support and that worked really well too but it wasn’t quite enough for me. I just hope that this upswing in my health continues. I’m starting on my second bottle of it. So happy to be feeling better!

Can you share the brand that you are using?

Just a question, has anyone had any side effects? Can one take too much?

has anyone here done the cortisol saliva tests before beginning ribes? I was just given some by my Dr as well, he seems to believe it will help. Its this or cortisol, just want to be sure the “stimulation” of the gland wouldn’t be akin to caffeine (making things better for the short term only)? as there doesnt seem to be a whole lot about it on google. thanks!

i was in italy a few weeks back, i awoke wo find my left eye had completely swollen along with the whole left side of my face. The pharmacist recommened ribes negrum, a tsp a day for 3 days and also to dilute and bath my eye…. it worked wonders! I would recommend it to others!

I forgot to mention, I also had motion sickness from being on the canals in Venice, the pharmacist recommended it for this as well.
Having read the previous comments, I am continuing to take it because I am having a particularly difficult time in work, stress and anxiety big time.


I’ve been battling chronic fatigue syndrom and adrenal fatigue syndrome for 2.5 years now. I did the cortisol tests by my regular doctor and it turned out to be within the so called “normal” range, yet I am constantly tired, unsteady (like drunk, especially when im tired and need sleep, or wake up to early and still feel half asleep), so i went to see a naturopath and he recommended Ribes, so im considering trying it and was just wondering if anyone had any bad experiences with it, or if it was addicitive, and if it was short-term like caffiene from coffee, or if there were any side effect? Please let me know!
Thanks a bundle! 🙂

ribes nigrum has the natural property of cortis gggood for good for colds an cough, mast be taken in the morning as the cortison is more active between 9 and 11. abour 40 drops. helps allergies and asthma.

just started this today, have been depressed, agitated , anxious, sleepless with symptoms worsening after 3 months…jumped to a cocktail of prescription garbage ( yes, it has it’s place sometimes) and have taken myself off in search or anything that will mend my mind, body, and spirit…the comments make me hopeful…

My naturopath prescribed RIBES after my hysterectomy. I was having sweats & chills and my body clock was out of whack. I couldn’t sleep at night, and wanted to sleep until noon. By 4 pm I was exhausted again. The dr estimated I would see results in 3-4 weeks, it took about 5 & I am my old self now. No temp fluctuations & my energy level is so much better.

No results at all for me with RIBES NIGRUM

I take Blackcurrant (Ribes Nigrum) in combination with Horsetail, Dandelion and Devils Claw, in capsule form, for joint pain. I find it works well for this, as well as the inflammation caused by a pinched nerve. However supervision is advised…you can’t take it indefinitely.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism about 6 years ago and have suffered fatigue ever since. I also have problems with anemia. I went to a natural medicine doctor and he recommended that I take Ribes Nigrum, along with Silicea, Floridix (iron tablets), Phytogreens, and another product for infections (combination of 4 or 5 natural medicines)…anyways. I have to say that I feel really great after taking these products for 3 weeks. I sleep better and I am more alert…finally I can concentrate again! I am very excited about my new energy levels. I do not feel one bit jittery…if anything I feel calmer…but energetic. I can’t believe that I felt so miserable a month ago. I hope this keeps up!!!

Can anyone tell me dosage and brand and how ribes nigrum works? does it just stimulate or actually heal the adrenal gland?

Tanya can I ask the name of the product for infections with 4 or 5 ingredients? I might be able to find it online and try it if I think it would help me, thanks. Silicia is a homeopathic right?

I just saw my naturopath yesteray and she started me on ribes nigram. She said it’s for adrenal and immune support. I’m also on a bunch of other supplements (essential oils, multivitamin, probiotics, vitamin d, quercetin with bromelain) as well as a gluten-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free and dairy-free diet. The past few months have been hell…I hope to feel better soon. Your post is encouraging!

I have also saw my naturopath and was put on ribes nigrum, I couldn’t agree more with you that it is a wonder treatment, I on month I have felt better than I have in months perhaps years. I have been battling menopausal side effects hot flashes, night sweats they are complete gone. I rest better, more alert and able to handle stress much better. I would highly recommend it. My question where do you buy yours? Is it available on line? The cost for me is quite a bit and I was looking for a site with a more competitive price. But I will continue on it for the rest of my life if need be I have seen that much of a change.

Does Ribes Nigrum work for headaches?

for those who asked the brand and where to get it, I got my Ribes Nigrum in Gemmotherapy by Unda. it is available on pureformulas.com for about $21 free shipping. I just got mine today so I can’t say how it’s helping yet, I sure hope I get results like some of the comments I read here.

Only those who have been there will know what I mean when I say that after reading the posts on RIBES I am in tears. This adrenal dysfunction is a robber of one’s life. THE WALKING DEAD, as one author refers to it. I have been in this terrible place for two years and despite having naturopathic care have not improved. I am near out of my mind as I am single and senior and fear losing my independence. Just today my naturopath gave me RIBES and I will start it right away-with all this positivity floating around. I so hope that I will be helped by this formula. I have to say it sounds too good to be true, but we have to be open to miracles. I am happy for those of you having experienced good results. Enjoy Life Again……

Kathleen let me know how it works. I seem to be the only one who wasn’t helped by it, instead it seemed like it gave me anxiety and chest pains. but then, I was always sensitive to any type of adrenal support. My Naturopath was hopeful this one would not. I tested it by stopping, and those symptoms went away. Anyone else had any negative effects at all? only me?

HI Kathleen. I felt the chest pains and anxiety too after 4 days of taking it. So my Homeopath told me to reduce the dosage and it worked wonder. Try to reduce your dosage and it should work wonders….

louie would you mind sharing how much you reduced the dosage? I was putting the drops in small amount of water, once a day. I’m sure both Kathleen and myself will be helped by your post, thanks.

i reduced it by a lot … basically more than half a dosage reduction as instead of taking it everyday i was asked to just take it evry 2nd day with half the dosage as well..

Hi, I haven’t tried Ribes, but I have tried many adrenal support supplements. I, too, am extremely sensitive and can’t take them. They cause anxiety/insomnia.

For me, ashwagandha is wonderful! It isn’t giving me a ton of energy yet, but it is so very calming. My sleep has improved so much. If you typically have problems sleeping and/or nervousness/anxiety with your low adrenals, I highly recommend it!

I am hoping to add Ribes without any ill effects.

I just started taking 50 drops twice a day one week ago. I do not drink tea, coffee or alcohol and am very sensitive to stimulants. I find that after taking this I fell jittery and my limbs feel heavy. I don’t like this feeling. My Naturopath prescribed this as an anti-infalmmatory because of some shoulder problems I am having. I don’t see any positive effects after one week.

I have been writing a series of articles on personal health issues, including adrenal fatigue and anxiety. Please send me your email if you would like to read my blog and also to be apprised of new posts. (I’m not selling anything through this!! It is to help others.) nancy@ogdenfish.com

It´s worked for me too!!! It´s just incredible how it can change someones life. I live in Mexico and I was wondering where could I buy it in the USA cause I´m going to be there for Chrismas and I just ran out of Ribes Nigrum. Here in Mexico ir very hard to get it, I always have to ask friends from France to send it to me with other mexican friends that get to travel to Europe. The benefits I´ve expirienced are more or less the same you´ve mentioned. I can think clearly, I feel happy, I feel relaxed and when I don´t take it I usually feel terrible. I wish you could help me know where to buy it. Thanks!!!

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by a psychiatrist after surviving a propane explosion in my home last year. Apart from the explosion, I had a year of prolonged stress dealing with a horrific insurance company, a crooked contractor and finally subcontracting everything myself and taking 7 months off work to do it. After that I collapsed with exhaustion, and it turned into extreme anxiety and depression, isolating myself from the woprld, no energy, crying all the time, hating to be in crowds, unexplained angry outbursts, not sleeping well, even thinking how nice it would be to die so I wouldn’y feel so anxious, depressed and hopeless anymore..does this sound like you? I am sure every veteran (even civilians who have experienced war-like traumas) can identify with this. It is totally normal to go falt-out for a long time and then have PTSD kick in after the immediate trauma is over, like finishing a big period of stress, or coming home from a war.

After three months I went for counselling and a psychiatric consultation.The psychiatrist prescribed Cymbalta and I had a terrible reaction: nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, no sleep, shaking hands, terribly nervous, dizzy…all the side effects. Made me sicker than before.

So I returned to my homeopathic doctor who has pulled me out of the water so many times. (God know why I didn’t go there in the first place…but that is part of depression not feeling like doing anything until it gets so bad you can’t cope). He took one look at me and said: you’re fine, you’re just exhausted because you have been running on high adrenal energy for so long. We need to support the adrenals and you will be feeling great mentally and physically in no time. He gave me RIBES NIGRUM, 7 drops 3 times a day and a couple of other UNDA remedies to get me eating again. That was two days before Christmas. It is now the 29th of dec 2011 and I am back to my old self…energetic, eating like a horse, enjoying my family, wanting to get back to work, sleeping all through the night.

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, your adrenal glands are worn out, but you CAN heal yourself homeopathically. Please try this route before you allow some doctor who has no time for “hocus pocus” to drug you into oblivion. They will tell you that your brain cannot produce any more seratonin, dopamine etc etc and make you feel more hopeless about yourself. They will tell you only anti-depressants will “stimulate your brain and make you better”. Baloney: you’ll feel worse, and you’ll get addicted to the stuff: it will affect your sleep cycles and it will not solve the underlying problem: your adrenal glands are worn out from so much relentless trauma, and continuously being on-guard, and the acute and continuous anxiety which comes from always having to face the recurring trauma. That’s normal for your body to wear out under those circumstances! Just give it a chance to heal itself…what’s there to lose?

I am not suggesting giving up normal counselling therapy at the same time: but biologically, once your adrenal glands get going again, many of the symptoms of depression will go, as will your anxiety, and then other stuff will fall into place.

By the way, I am a woman, and I have cured my hot flashes with Sepia complex, Giant Sequoia and now this amazing Ribes Nigrum has really put an end to all hot flashes.

Hope this helps someone out there.

I have also had a few years of huge family illness stress and thought being tired all of the time was normal. My naturopathic dr and I have cured my hot flashes with Sepia complex. Omega 3 together with the Ribes nigrum in the morning and Sequoia in the evening has put an end to my exhausted waking dead state. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t take them religiously and within days everything seems foggy and out of sorts. I can’t say enough good stuff about getting real with homeopathic and natural remedies vs pharmacrapicals. Another thing the NDs have put me onto is bio-identical progesterone. My period cramps have stopped, my cycle is regular, my polycystic ovaries have stopped forming cysts and in conjunction with cutting flour and sugar out of my diet, I’ve managed to lose the extra 25 pounds that no amount of exercise seemed to lose. Lastly, the bacterial infection I’ve had on and off for years seems to be gone, again – I attribute it to the ND advice, which was to use a garlic suppository for 6 days after my cycle for 3 months.

I know that you wrote this 5 years ago, still…. I clicked on your link to all of the different ailments etc, and came to an ad but no list. I have myasthenia gravis, a neurological ailment. The treatment, here, is cortisone, which I have refused to take, since it destroys bones. Ribes Nigrun is sold here ITALY) as homeopathic cortisone. Any comments?

I find it interesting they would refer to it in Italy as homeopathic cortisone. personally cortisone makes me feel great. I want to give the Ribes a try. There is also something called Isocort by Bezwecken, it’s natural pills that mimic cortisone as well, I am thinking of trying myself.

I give it to my dog for skin problems and it’s working!!!!

I have been on Ribes Nigrum for nearly 4 months. My naturopathic doctor started me on 50 drops twice a day (morning and lunchtime), and the return of my motivation was almost instantaneous. I noticed a difference that very day. It did not feel like a stimulant to me. I went from feeling overwhelmed by daily life requirements to feeling ready, willing, and capable. I was also (already) on a very small, sub-therapeutic dose of an anti-depressant (I couldn’t handle the side effects of even a half-dose), and unfortunately there was an interaction that caused bruising for me. I cut my Ribes to 50 drops a day and did very well at that level. I was able to go completely off the anti-depressant, but unfortunately I am starting to feel down again (probably Seasonal Affective Disorder), so I am starting to increase my Ribes to see if I can head this off without having to go back on the anti-depressants. That’s where I am today. Hope it helps someone. I appreciated reading through the other testimonies.

hi, ive just started taking this supplement today, and came across this blog while doin some research. My cousin is a naturopathic doctor and prescribed it for me. Ive been plagued over the last 4 yrs by respiratory infections, terrible recurring yeast and bladder infections. I also developed shingles, an allergy to the virus suppressants, and my immunity is awful as a result of the antibiotics i am forced to take serveal times a year when i fall ill. I really hope this works for me an can help with other slight ailments i have like acne..the occassional asthma and allergies. Reading this blog and all the responses give me some hope.

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I have been taking it 50 drops three times a day, for two and a half weeks. I am more exhausted than ever. I have severe systemic candida, and as a result severe adrenal fatigue. I wonder if this exhaustion is the result of detoxing from the Rhubes?

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Helped with allergic reactions I get from certain foods such as wheat, preservatives and chicken. Works wonders as anti histamines doesnt help.

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My naturopath suggested this as well as licorice DGL chews for my adrenal exhaustion / fibromyalgia. Amazing stuff!!!

I am happy to hear that so many others have benefited from this. HOWEVER, may I add another user experience to urge caution? Ribes Nigrum may exacerbate an existing, underlying problem with the heart, or may add stress to the heart if you already have diseases that may affect the heart.

During the past 3 weeks, two times, I had waves of angina-like chest pain start within 8 hours of starting Ribes Nigrum, and two times, I stopped it and gradually felt better over 2 days. I have never experienced this kind of chest pain before, or any other heart symptoms before.

Details: After I first started Ribes Nigrum, the heart pain started in 8 hours and persisted for 2 weeks while I continued Ribes. I did not suspect Ribes Nigrum might be part of the problem because I was adjusting medications and dealing with other health conditions and it seemed way more logical to be caused by those things. I did not have palpitations, and when I measured my heart rate on my smartphone it was just a bit higher than my normal most of the time, but heart rate raised after mild activity (walking, cooking) and took a long time to go down again at rest. Then I stopped Ribes Nigrum due to stressful life events for 2 days, and I felt 70% better the second day after stopping. Still not suspecting it, I took 1 more dose of Ribes Nigrum again. The heart pains returned within 8 hours (at night), and were way worse than the first time, this time with waves of heart pain followed by lightheadedness and an odd dream-like state of consciousness, mild nausea or odd feelings in salivary glands, numbness and twinges in my left arm, left neck/jaw, and left leg. Chest pains and overall weakness persisted for at least 20 hours following the Ribes Nigrum dose. I haven’t taken Ribes Nigrum for the past 2.5 days. Today the heart pains have subsided in frequency by 80%, though I still have occasional pains, more spasmic and less achey.

During the second major onset/increase of chest pains, I finally suspected it was Ribes Nigrum making my heart symptoms worse, so I looked it up online. I found Taz’s comments on chest pain (above) and some other mentions of chest pain. I was tempted to take an aspirin to protect my heart, but I found out that I should NOT TAKE ASPIRIN with Ribes Nigrum becasue both are blood-thinners.

Three caveats: 1) It is possible the chest pain was increased by an interaction between Ribes Nigrum and another supplement or medication I was taking. 2) I believe the chest pain was definitely related to the stress and health problems I’ve had recently. In the two weeks prior to taking Ribes, I had flare-ups in my 2 major health conditions (I have autoimmune hypothyroidism and ankylosing spondylitis, both of which come along with a much higher risk of heart conditions). and 3) I haven’t yet waited long enough to see if my symptoms completely go away, continue or worsen again now that I’m off Ribes Nigrum.

However, since pains went on and off with starting and stopping Ribes Nigrum, and it followed almost the exact same timing twice despite the other conditions being different each time, I think it’s likely that a heart already weakened could not handle the stimulation from Ribes Nigrum.

So far, the doctors have ruled out other causes of chest pain: it is not from allergies, not virus/bacteria, not breathing, not digestion, and not pain in muscles, tendons, or bones.
On the other hand, they have seen no signs of a major heart problem via ECG, ultrasound, xray and blood test results, and I don’t have the usual risk factors for heart disease (other than the two major health conditions I mentioned above). It could be micro-vascular disease or vascular spasms. So they are not sure what has causing my heart pain, and they think it is worth investigating further. I still have to do an echocardiogram and treadmill test.

Lesson: This is powerful stuff. Be aware of your current heart health status, drug interactions (i.e. aspirin, thyroid medications, steroid-based meds), and possible side-effects like chest pain.

I believe this caused my high blood pressure out of control caused hypertension life threatening my adrenals now produce to much hormone aldosterone. I saw an Endrocronologist I have to be on a pill not to slow down hormone releasing to much. My potassium levels where low. I was developing chronic migraines from high blood pressure etc. It’s very hard to detect. Your Dr can test you for this. I was lucky not to die from cardiac arrest kidney failure stroke etc… I made another comment below. Yes people need to be careful. I was in emergency for years at my Drs steady. Migraines vomit ….as due to this. My one Dr said I’m so healthy I do not have high blood pressure turns out he was wrong I do and it took another Dr to diagnose.Hope you feel better

I have been taking a daily dose of your product for 3yrs &swear by it,today I’ve opend a new bottle & its Disgusting, the usual pale brown colour is now dark brown & the taste is hard to swallow it is REALLY bitter,is it ok to use it or have you changed the formula.

Can you please share what brand you used? Thank you! ❤

When i open the Give food to it provides me with many different garbled text, may be the concern on my small end?

Suffering from severe adrenal fatigue and hypo thyroid. Living in seattle WA .

Q1 : Any naturopaths in Seattle or Around who have prescribed. ?Just wanted to use under naturopath direction.

Q2: do you use hypothyroid or adrenal fatigue hormones along with it or just Ribes Nigrum..?

Q3: I see recommended dosage on bottle is 50 drops I.e. 1.25ml.

How to determine how much we need ?

is a spoonful of ribes is 5ml ? Any one using spoonful. .?

Yes I was on this as well. I felt great too! I now have a life condition that my adrenals froduce to much aldosterone. I was told that adrenal glands shrink as we age and this produces the hormone to make me feel better. Very hard to detect. I was having migraines high blood pressure due to to much hormone being produced. I think I took this to much and it altered my body to do what it was designed to do naturally. I now have to take a pill spirolactone for the rest of my life to slow down my adrenals from producing to much hormone. I was in and out of emergency I believe this caused a server health issue. I only have one kidney so it’s non operatable. Thank heavens they have a pill for this or I would be in a life threatening state. Good lick. Don’t over do it. Be careful

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