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wiarton willy or punxsutawney phil

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I haven’t found any reference yet as to what Wiarton Willy said in terms of how long winter will be around for this year (his 51st year of decision making). Last year he said we were in the clear, but I can’t remember if he was right.

Punxsutawney Phil I saw on the news this morning and the official document read (was quite cute) and said that spring is coming in 6 weeks!

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top posts switching it up

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You know, my top posts are typically the same, or very similar, but today they’re completely different (and unusual) compared to normal. Look to your right and check them out.

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ribes nigrum — the natural wonder drug?

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I saw the naturopath about a week ago and she offered me adrenal support in the form of ribes nigrum and let me tell you, I feel pretty much like my old (pre dyingness self) after only a tsp a day for the last week. I’m FINALLY alert. My brain feels like it’s actually connecting with my thoughts and body — and that it’s actually working to capacity again!! I feel like I can do more and take on more and not be exhausted.

Now, it has only been a week, but from doing a bit of research online just now, it looks like this is the natural wonderdrug good for everything from curing acne to supporting your immune system, to dealing with inflammation — ALL of the things that I need help with! I can’t believe it. If this keeps up, at this rate, I may feel completely normal again in no time. Well, if no time doesn’t include the 3 years of feeling like death and the over a year of trying to heal myself and not being able to eat anything other than candida-friendly food. Just LOOK at all of the different ailments this concoction is supposed to aid or cure. I even found mention that it is an anti-aging agent, so that’s a bonus (well, except for the part where they don’t know of any long-term ill effects….we’ll just ignore that part).

Have you been on this thing? If so, please let me know how it worked for you and what it cured or aided you with.

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