some days i slur

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I’ve noticed — and I don’t know why, but some days I mumble, and some days I slur words and some days I’m absolutely perfectly eloquent.  Today I was talking in warp speed — with no real thought of the words that were pouring out of my mouth and then came the slurring because of the speed (I believe). Now, I ask — does eloquence come with age? Do you slow down and select your words with more care as you become older? As you climb the corporate ladder? Or as you make more aquaintances? What is speech really a product of? For me, I believe it’s 75% the audience and 25% my body/mood at that moment in time. Wherein lays the consistency? Any speech therapists out there with any tips?


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3 Responses to “some days i slur”

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IANAST, but I personally feel that the audience is to blame. I know that when I am with close friends, my speech is much different around those I work with or don’t know very well. But in both situations, I think I still mumble or trip over my words equally though.

I think you’re right. I change my composure depending on who it is — but I know how I want to speak and what I want to say — it just doesn’t always work that way. I could also blame my brain’s functionalities aging 🙂

I have the same exact problem!
The faster I try to talk, the more I slur my words and make awkward pauses and/or stutter. I try to imagine that I’m telling a story to whomever I’m talking to (e.g. reminiscing), that helps me slow down. I find that I slur words the least at a rate of about 160 words per minute. One way to make yourself naturally slow down is too find a recording of someone who speaks at the desired speed and to try to sync your speech with the recording (sentence by sentence, might take you 20 – 30 tries at first for just one sentence), just say whatever the person in the recording is saying along with the recording.
Hope that helps!

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