zaide, poetry, and misunderstandings

Posted on January 31, 2007. Filed under: Friends, Theatre |

I forgot to mention that Brian and I went to see Zaide, which was being put on by Opera in Concert last weekend. This is a “rarely” performed opera and was unfinished (by Mozart) and, well, maybe there are reasons for both of those things — it wasn’t really that great.

One of the signers was blantantly reading every line — and I know they’re allowed to in this case, and that they have music stands, etc., but at least make it appear as though this wasn’t your first time through. The reason we went was to see Vasil Garvanliev perform. And he exceeded my expectations. He had everything memorized and his voice is just of a quality beyond, well, many. He’s a character on stage and adds to every performance I have seen him in.

Then, Monday night — I met with a new team I’m volunteering with (a research committee) and it was so great! I’m really looking forward to working with them.

Then, last night, I was set to meet a friend for dinner (after this dinner had already been cancelled 4 times, the degree of expectation was heightened) . Neither of us had each other’s phone numbers and we didn’t meet. We were both there — at Fresh on Bloor St, but I got a table and she waited outside (without even checking in the building) for 45 minutes before leaving.

I then met up with Queen’s friends who I haven’t seen for 4 years at a poetry competition. Apparently it’s the 8th annual, but after working in publishing for 3 years now, it was the first I’d heard of it. He made it to round 2, but not beyond, though I was very, very schocked at a couple of the choices who made it to the end. I bolted at the news to try to fly home and to get into bed before 12, but then remembered that I had won my pretty laptop bag (not the super cool one) on ebay and wanted to pay for it. Paypal was NOT cooperative at all! But I finally settled in at 12:30 only to feel like thirty seconds had passed before my alarm went off.

Now, I have class tonight, yoga tomorrow night and dinner plans on Friday night — I need to do things like laundry and grocery shopping! I only have a block of goat cheese and rice puffs left — not very conducive to keeping one’s energy up when running at this pace.


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