i remember way back when it was actually about learning

Posted on January 19, 2007. Filed under: School |

I loved school and the whole idea of learning throughout school, and throughout university. My philosophy at Queen’s was — so long as I’m learning, the mark doesn’t matter; it’s just a meaningless number after all. This coincided nicely with my theory that I would remember the people, the memories, etc. and not the poor mark on an essay or exam. And I pulled everything off in the end, and do remember the people, not the marks or transcripts.

Now, however — I was just doing an assignment for one of my new classes (my first foray into distance ed for this one) and this “skills” assignment is MASSIVE! I wouldn’t mind at all except it’s not worth anything. Clearly my old philosophy is out the window. It could be because I’m not learning anything new or having an revelations as a result of what I learn in class or what I read. It’s all common sense and the more I can just plow through it the better. So, as this assignment is worth nothing, and I have already spent a great deal of time on it, and I’m not learning anything new, I guess it doesn’t really matter either if it’s turned in on time (tomorrow) because I won’t get docked any of the non-existant marks anyway.

Of course I’ll finish it (it’s me), but I will do so avec complaining (cause remember, it’s me).


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