the highway is out to get me — first pylons, then fire, now ice…

Posted on January 18, 2007. Filed under: randomness |

There is a stretch of the Gardiner Expressway that is out to get me.

I swear.

I drive on this stretch at least once a week, oftentimes more than that and I think I should take the hint and find some other way to get downtown (if only!).

First… there was the rouge tumbleweed pylon that jumped into my path a while ago (making for a funny story at least). THEN, last week, a ball of fire literally fell off or out of the car in front of me.

This was me:

Um…there’s a ball of fire on the road in front of me.
What does one do in this situation?
If I run over it, will my car explode?
No really…I know have an oil leak…does that matter. Or will it ignite the gas tank in some way?
I don’t really want to find out.
Quickly look to see if I can change lanes.
I think I can.
Let’s do that.

I avoided the ball of fire — it was about the diameter of a size three soccer ball.

With the crisis averted, I began to wonder where the hell the fireball came from.

Further on there was a car off to the side of the road with another, smaller fireball behind it…I guess they were the culprit.

So, I guess I didn’t find out the hard way if my car would explode.

THEN tonight…along the same bit of road…

I was happily bopping along and a car comes booting up behind me and passes me (likely a civic. Civics always seem to be passing people. I believe its a rule in the owner’s manual).

As the car passed me it hit a bump and a huge chunk of ice came hurling through the air and hit the front of my car. Luckily it wasn’t the windshield.

So — the Gardiner and I have beent through a lot recently. All with things that shouldn’t be (but are) flying through the air and are seemingly magnetically attracted to hurting my car.


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