lessons in singing, volume 1

Posted on January 9, 2007. Filed under: Music, The boy(s) |

I never sing in front of Brian.

Or at least I hadn’t until our Grand Canyon road trip.

I have always thought I’ve had pretty good pitch in so far as I can tell when something or someone is off key, off pitch or just plain wrong, and had a sneaking suspicion that I might be able to carry a tune, but didn’t want to try in front of him.

He’s a musician for goodness sake! Trained in voice and choral conducting, so he’s surrounded by ACTUAL singers — a bit intimidating. Not that I’m an overly shy person, but when there’s something he’s an expert at that I’m not I tend to shrink back because I don’t think I’ll be good enough.

Then I started to grow curious.

I wanted to know what my range could possibly be.




I finally asked, and this weekend I had my first somewhat impromptu, somewhat-voice-lesson. And I think that by the time it was over, I was finally starting to gain a bit of confidence.

And, apparently it IS as I had suspected, and I AM on key!

So, maybe I’ll be more confident if we get to do it again — and maybe, one day, I won’t shy away when others are singing around a camp fire or Christmas carols — I’m not diva enough to grab a mic and jump on stage, but it’s kinda cool to learn about about my voice and to potentially sing a bit more openly in the future.


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